First job / Project / Internship application

Ability to program is much more important than resumes and performance in college. That is why, I use this programming assignment as a filter for those looking for a job (1st or 2nd job) or an internship (6-month internships only, MCS/MCM/MCA), or a BE project. If you would like me to forward your resume to companies that I know, complete this assignment and send it to me.

Write a program as described below in a programming language of your choice, and send your program to


You are given a file consisting of a number of lines. Each line is in the following format:
  id|timestamp|name|remaining text

The problem is that the input file contains some duplicate entries. (Duplicate entries are those that have the same value in the 'id' field). And the ordering of the lines is not good.

Your program must read the input file, get rid of the duplicates, and then output the lines in the same format, but ordered by the timestamp (descreasing). Your program should produce a file called 'output.txt' which contains unique lines, ordered by timestamp. See this file for what the output should look like

Send the source code of your program and the output of your program to the company that you are interested in (details at the bottom of this page).


Where to send your entry

Send your program to