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Pune Technology Professionals Linked-in Group

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The PuneTech Linked-In Group is a group on the professional social networking site LinkedIn. As of July 2011, this group had over 2600 members, consisting of technology professionals in Pune, or who have a strong connection to Pune (e.g. have spent a considerable amount of time in Pune). This is a great way to find Pune Technology professionals who are working in areas that interest you.

The linked-in advanced search allows you to search this group on the basis of current and past companies, areas of interest, number of recommendations, and other fields of the user’s profile. That’s a great way of finding people in Pune if you are looking for something specific. The group also has discussion forums and occasional announcements with news of interest to technology in Pune.

Please note, join only if you have a strong background in technology and a connection to Pune. All others (especially recruiters, headhunters and HR) will be rejected.


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