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Film restoration technology developed in Pune

The Indian Express has an article about film restoration studio, Cameo, with technology developed entirely indegeneously:

Gujar, a graduate in engineering from VIT College came up with concept of developing an affordable film restoration software and studio when he was in college. “The requirement of film restoration was found out when we were studying imaging. We talked to people concerned, who endorsed the grave problem the industry was facing already. We went ahead built a few prototypes of what we thought could be done for the problem, and demonstrated it to various people in the film industry. And then we got down to the task of building the entire software required to put up a full fledged restoration studio, “elaborates Gujar.”

The technology allows tens or hundreds of computer-servers to work together, along with human assisted computers to remove damages from films. “It took us more than a year for the research and close to a year to build the technology. Pune, being a primary IT hub allowed us to find most of the required talent locally. We had IIT graduates and experts from imaging, computer vision, Linux and computer software coming together to make this first generation of the technology.

Read full article.

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16 responses to Film restoration technology developed in Pune

  1. JOTHI says:





  2. mike says:

    can u call me

  3. navin says:

    Jothi, Mike, Sorry, I don’t really have any contact information for Cameo. I was just republishing Indian Express’ report about their technology.

  4. Purab Gujar says:

    Hi Jyoti
    Sorry I didnt see the link earlier. You could drop me a mail if required at purab@cameoml.com
    Thank you for covering this on Pune Tech.
    - Purab Gujar, Cameo Restoration Studio

  5. Hi….
    i am having old footage of 35mm material both black and white and a few in colout which has to be restored…negative cleaned pin drop holes touched…colout enhence in certain frams/ shots which looks like slightly pale…. kindly give details about the process… formalities…. and cost factor…. for considering it to be done…

    With regardes,


  6. Hello Mike
    Sorry for not responding earlier. Pl let me know the conviniest time to call you so that I will be able to answer all the queries and also give you the appropriate quote. Kindly send me your email id for further correspondence

  7. Ishita Patel says:

    Hi All,

    9th November 2008 a Public Notice was issued against these people. Please follow the link for the notice.



  8. shanu says:

    Hi Gujjar,
    Its. great toknow that we indian have also developed this restoration and colorization technology in India. I wanted to have a look at your restoration technology as my company which is big production house have already started the restoration services with the setup of 25 PF cleans and 10 diamont and we thinking of expanding..so,pls send me your contact details so that we can take it ahead.

  9. Purab Gujar says:

    Please mail me at purab@cameoml.com or call on +91 9860944424 .. or check http://www.cameoml.com for other contact details.

  10. praveen s deshmukh says:

    Hi Purab,
    I am also from restoration …can you tell me hom minimum time your algo will take to restor one complete film with 2K DPX format frame…


    Praveen S Deshmukh

  11. manasi r says:

    Hi Purab,

    i read ur article & happy with that, just one thing can u tell me , that how many days u take for finishing one old film , & with how much manpower,

    thanx & regards.

    Manasi R.

  12. Purab Gujar says:

    Depending on the damage and resolution of the digitized film. An HD film for instance with medium damage takes a calendar month.

  13. manasi r says:

    ur software runs on ur own hardware or it can be use with any system.( nac or windows)

  14. Purab Gujar says:

    Its not on proprietary hardware. It runs on Mac and Linux. You could email me at purab@cameoml.com for more info.

  15. navin says:

    From the PuneTech editor:

    Because PuneTech gets a lot of spam comments, we have enabled moderation of comments. This means that comments by first-timers will be held in the moderation queue until approved by editors.

    A few days back, these 4 comments appeared in the moderation queue. You will notice that although these comments claim to be from 4 different persons, the IP address is the same, and all these comments were within 15 minutes of each other.

    That leads us to believe that the authenticity of these comments is doubtful. Normally, we simply delete comments that violate the PuneTech comments policy. However in this case, the comments are not technically violating any of our guidelines, but because of their doubtful authenticity, we have decided to reproduce the comments here to let readers draw their own conclusions.

    Note: we know nothing about these comments other than the information below. It is provided on an as-is-where-is basis

    Author : shree (IP: ,
    E-mail : shree@gmail.com
    URL :
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    I have worked on CAMEO.They are great people.


    Author : Bandar (IP: ,
    E-mail : Bandar@rediffmail.com
    URL :
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    Hello Sir,I want to buy this software.Whats cost for this software?I have very old film.I want to develop it.I am very perfect in this work.


    Author : Chhakul (IP: ,
    E-mail : Chhakul@rediffmail.com
    URL :
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    Mind blowing…it will remove all the faults…

    and finally

    Author : bandar (IP: ,
    E-mail : bandar@rediffmail.com
    URL :
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    I have worked on CAMEO.They are great and innovative people.

  16. thanga raj says:

    i need a digital filmrestoration job on anywhere in india

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