This page is a collection of pointers to mailing lists or RSS feeds or other websites that you can subscribe to that would be of interest to you if you are a technology professional in Pune. Not all of them are directly associated with this site (PuneTech). They are being listed here as a service to the readers of PuneTech. Since each mailing list / feed serves a different purpose, you need to pick and choose which ones you want to subscribe to. You have to subscribe separately to each list/feed that you are interested in.

Get PuneTech updates delivered to you

Subscribe to automatically receive PuneTech updates (free) by email or via RSS. This will simply deliver to you all the articles that make it to the front page of the PuneTech website. To get a reminder for a tech event in Pune, one day before the event, subscribe the to free PuneTech Event Reminder service.

You can also subscribe to a feed of all the comments left on various PuneTech articles by readers. Get comments by email or via RSS.

Connect with other tech professionals in Pune

if you are a Pune-based technology professional, connect with others on the PuneTech group on Linked-in. Find (and be found by) others working in your areas of interest in Pune. Or, if you prefer, there are PuneTech groups on facebook, and orkut.

Connect with entrepreneurs in Pune

If you are an entrepreneur, or generally interested in Pune startups, join the Pune OpenCoffee Club (POCC). You must also subscribe to the PuneStartups mailing list. This is the “official” mailing list of POCC, but you have to subscribe to it separately.

Other Technology User Groups in Pune

See the PuneTech wiki for information about other user groups in Pune – like Pune Java, Pune Ruby, Pune Linux User Group, PHPCamp, Pune Project Management Institute etc. That page is kept updated with information about all the technology groups, communities and organizations of interest to Pune Technology professionals. Most of them have mailing lists that you can subscribe to. You can find a link to information about the group and the mailing lists in the individual page for each group. The full list of groups is here.

Add to this page

Are you aware of a mailing list that tech professionals in Pune should subscribe to? Would you like to have it listed here? Please get in touch with us. Thanks.

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  1. Krishnakant, the above three are different user groups in Pune, which exist for different purposes. To “join” you should click on the links provided above and follow the instructions at the site where you end up.

  2. i am from hotel management field, i first saw the captain pad at ZKs restaurant and was impressed by the efficiency that this product enables. soon after contact some hotels from my country and they showed wery interested by the product. i would like to know more about the costs involved in the purchase and training in the usage of the captain pad.

    1. If you don’t like maths, do something other than Engineering. Don’t force yourself to do Engineering just because that seems to have better “scope”. Do something that you’re good at, and you will have a good career.

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