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Archive for July, 2009.

PUG’s Microsoft Technologies Developer Conference – 8th/9th Aug

What: Pune User Group (PUG)’s DevCon conference on Microsoft technologies When: 8, 9 August, 9:30am to 5:30pm Where: College of Engineering Pune (COEP) Registration and Fees: This event is free for everyone. Register here. Details: PUG Devcon is an event for developers to share, collaborate and meet up with like minded technology enthusiasts. Along with […]

TechWeekend: Three tech talks on Google Android, 4:30pm, 1st Aug

Image via CrunchBase What: TechWeekend featuring “What makes Google Android different from other systems, and from regular Java” by Navin Kabra, “Maps, GPS and sensors in Android” by Rohit Ghatol, with a demo on an Android G1 phone, and more When: Saturday, 1st August, 4:30pm Where: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, […]

Actionable Insights into the World of Indian Startups – Abinash Tripathy’s blog

Abinash Tripathy’s blog, “Insights into the World of Indian Startups,” is a must read for all Pune Technology professionals. Abinash is a serial entrepreneur who is now on the loose in Pune. Most recently, he spent a few years building Zimbra from scratch in India, created one of the best web-2.0 teams in India, a […]

Introducing PuneTech Video – your feedback needed

We are now experimenting with an additional format for PuneTech updates – short video clips hosted on YouTube. Almost since the time PuneTech started, people have been suggesting to us that we should use video. Finally, something clicked last week, and we decided to take the plunge and start it on an experimental basis. Our […]

Druvaa: From proto.in presenter to proto.in sponsor in 18 months

Pune based backup software startup Druvaa has gone from being a 3-person startup that presented at proto.in 18 months back, to a 16-person company that is profitable, and sponsored proto.in this weekend. We caught up with Jaspreet Singh of Druvaa during proto and had a conversation with him about how they are doing. Note: Please […]

Too Soon to call for a Semiconductor Recovery?

Is it too soon to call for a semiconductor recovery? Market pundits are calling a semi bottom and some are expecting a surge in second half of this year. Is that really going to happen? Read more to find out …

Attend proto.in from home – follow the live online coverage

Proto.in is in Pune today, and one of the ideas they are pushing this year, is live online coverage of the event. The idea is that while only 400 people can attend the event in person, many more should be able to follow the details online. With this in mind, this proto promises to the […]

How to increase community participation in the Pune tech scene? Best suggestion wins a proto.in pass

Suggest various ways in which Pune’s tech community scene can be made even more rocking that it already is, and win a proto.in pass.

Key Legal Issues in InfoTech – Seminar, July 28

What: Seminar on key legal issues in InfoTech – key clauses, law, enforcement, jurisdiction in tech agreements, and IP issues When: 2pm to 5pm, Tuesday, 28th July Where: Bhageerath, Persistent Systems, S.B. Road Registration and Fees: This event is free for all. Send mail to tanvi@nishithdesai.com if you’re interested. Details: Software Exporters Association of Pune […]

Proto.in Facebook Developer Garage is free & open to all (not just proto.in attendees)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you should be aware that Proto.in, India’s premier startup event, is happening in Pune this weekend. Around the end of proto.in, there’s an event for Facebook application developers, which is actually open to all developers, not just those registered to attend proto.in. So all Pune facebook app developers, […]