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Archive for November, 2008.

What to expect at Barcamp Pune

Update: Our hearts go out to the people of Mumbai, but our bodies continue their day-to-day activities in Pune. Barcamp Pune 5 will happen. It starts at 10am, at SICSR (Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research), Model Colony, Atur Centre, Opp. Om Super Market, Pune (map). Barcamp Pune 5 is this Saturday (29th November) […]

An Introduction to Joomla! CMS

If you’ve been following the tech scene in Pune, you’d be aware of the tremendous success of PHPCamp Pune with over a 1000 registrants. One thing that quickly became clear during PHPCamp is the interest in having special interest groups for more specialized areas within PHP hacking – specifically Open Social, Drupal and Joomla!. To […]

What is multi-core architecture and why you need to understand it

Dhananjay Nene has just written a brilliant article in which he gives a detailed overview of multi-core architectures for computer CPUs – why they came about, how they work, and why you should care. Yesterday, Anand Deshpande, CEO of Persistent Systems, while speaking at the IndicThreads conference on Java Technologies exhorted all programmers to understand […]

Introducing Ask PuneTech – Ask us anything and we’ll get you the answer

Ask PuneTech is a One-Stop Shop for all the information needed by infotech professionals and infotech startups in Pune. Ask us a question, or for a referral, or for some information and we find it for you, or we will put you in touch with person who has previous experience in that area to guide you. Just send an email to ask@punetech.com

Open-source Code Camp last weekend – A report

The Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) had organized a code camp on Saturday, with the intention of getting a bunch of developers to get together and develop code, talk about code, answer each others’ coding questions on specific coding projects. Aditya Godbole one of the PLUG members who attended, posted this overview of the event […]

81% of Pune’s Wi-Fi Networks are insecure – ClubHack report

ClubHack, the group hell-bent on hammering some sense of security hygiene into the heads of an ignorant and careless public, went around Pune making a note of how secure or insecure various Wi-Fi hotspots in the city were, and found that a full 50% were not protected at all, and another 31% were only weakly […]

Data management and data quality in business intelligence

I am liveblogging CSI Pune‘s lecture on Data Management and Data Quality in Business Intelligence, by Ashwin Deokar of SAS R&D Pune. Huge amounts of data being generated these days. Different technologies (from databases, to RFID tags and GPS units), different platforms (PCs, servers, cellphones), different vendors. And all this data is often duplicated and […]

Upcoming conferences and tech events in Pune – Nov/Dec 2008

The next couple of months are going to rather active in Pune, with a host of really good conferences and events coming up. Some of these are free events, while others have a fee associated with them. We have written about some of them on PuneTech before, while some you’ll be hearing about for the […]

BSNL to provide managed network services in Pune

The Indian Express reports that Pune has yet again been chosen as a city to introduce a new hi-tech service: Managed Network Services from BSNL. The basic idea is that instead of simply providing broadband and other types of network access, BSNL will take over the entire job of handling the network of small companies. […]

Pune OpenCoffee Club meeting: Pune startup’s pain points

What: Pune OpenCoffee Club get-together. Solving the pain points of Pune’s startups When: Saturday, 22nd November, 4pm – 7pm Where: SICSR, Model Colony. Here is the map. Registration and Fees: This event is free for everyone – no registration required Details: The Are you a Pune startup struggling with issues that you shouldn’t need to struggle […]