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DrupalCamp Pune on 5/6 April; Call for Speakers is open

The Drupal Community in Pune presents DrupalCamp Pune on 5/6 April 2014, a conference for Drupal developers and users. This is a free conference, and open for anybody with an interest in Drupal in particular, or web development / PHP in particular.

Call for papers

DrupalCamp would love to get your proposals for sessions to be delivered in Drupal Camp Pune. You may select any topic from development, design or anything interesting that you would like to share. Last date for submitting your proposal is 27th March, 2014.

Call for papers: http://camp2014.punedrupalgroup.com/session/add

DrupalCamp Background

Drupal in Pune started back in February 2009 as Pune Drupal User Group (PDRUG), with an objective to strengthen the local Drupal community in Pune. The first meetup saw 3 Drupalers, in last year we have been able to engage Drupalers in monthly code sprints where focus is on on D8 core contributions. In addition to code sprints, Pune community has also organised global training days and specialized workshops for Pune colleges.

The first Drupal Camp Pune was organized back in 2009. In this first camp there were 300+ attendees. One of the fun highlights of the Drupal Camp Pune 2009 was the Drupal Song which featured in Dries’s blog :), we soon followed up Drupal Day/Hackathon in presence of Addison Berry (former documentation lead, Drupal). Between 2010 and 2014, Drupal community has been focusing on a lot of Drupal meet ups and now its time to have a bigger event: “Drupal Camp Pune 2014.”

What to expect?

In Drupal Camp Pune 2014 you will meet some of the earliest contributors to Drupal in India from around the country. For developers and students, the event presents opportunities for learning, getting involved in community contributions via code/ review/ QA for Drupal 8. One of the main objective of this camp is to engage students more personally in a ladder like workshop. For the business community there will be an opportunity for learning from sessions based on case studies of Drupal websites, meeting representatives of the leading Drupal companies in India, and some of the brightest individuals working on Drupal.

What should I bring to Pune Drupal Camp?

Just come with Open mind and laptop with Drupal 7 installation. You can follow instruction over here.

Keynote – Jacob Singh

Jacob is the country head for Acquia India where he manages all alliances, business development and services in the region. He is an experienced trainer, project manager, developer and scrum-master with 14 years of experience building great web experiences, seven with Drupal.

One of the early Acquians (2008), Jacob holds the distinction of working in the most departments. He has been an integral part of the Acquia Search and Drupal Gardens products, a recognized Drupal trainer and consultant and a solution architect.

Important dates:

  • Call for Papers starts on 12th March, 2014 and ends on 27th March, 2014
  • List of Accepted sessions to be announced on 29th March, 2014
  • Actual event is on 5th and 6th April

Call for Sponsors

Not only does a platform like Drupal Camp make the community stronger, but it also contributes to grow economic ecosystem. By Sponsoring Drupal camp you show your commitment to Drupal and the community at large.

Become a sponsor: http://camp2014.punedrupalgroup.com/sponsor-camp

Fees and Registration

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. Please register here: http://camp2014.punedrupalgroup.com/user/register

Event website: http://camp2014.punedrupalgroup.com/

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“Drupalkar” – an initiative to disseminate Drupal Love to Pune colleges

(This post gives an overview of a new initiative by the Pune Drupal Community to increase Drupal awareness amongst Pune college students. It was originally posted on drupal.org by Dipen Chaudhary and is reposted here for wider dissemination.)


drupal icon, svg version
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In the last pune drupal user meetup ( 26th dec, 09) we all agreed to the need of more drupal awareness as a whole and one of the ways we discussed was to tap the interest early at the student level. To this effect project code named drupalkar (having both hindi and marathi connotations) was planned in which seasoned drupal developers will donate 1 hr to a student gathering in a college to spread drupal joy/way of web development. Approach here is simple, in that 1 hr drupal developer would demo how a website can be made from scratch in 1 hour in form a interactive demo and giving out more ideas and possibilities at the end of the demo. The same would be followed in many colleges with different developers donating time with different demo’s (or maybe same, if one works out to be exceptionally good to catch attention)


Approach to reach out to students is simple, show something they can make in an hour rather than a speech/talk on why drupal, how drupal? as the talks get incoherent ( its upto the drupal developer conducting the demo session to open up for Q/A which I strongly recommend) and over the time ineffective. We would pickup models from internet and show students how to make that site in drupal and how easy web development is with drupal.


To pilot the drupalkar project we decided to pick 5 colleges (list pending and hopefully will be sorted in comments) and 5 drupal volunteers, after which we will map colleges to drupal volunteers and let the individual drupal developer run the show, with some syncing among developers over whats being demo’ed, what was the response etc. As the events would be linear we can adapt and evolve from the feedback of the initial events.

Drupal Volunteers (Drupalkar’s)

  • Dipen Chaudhary
  • Rajeev Karajgikar
  • Parsad Shirgaonkar
  • Nikhil Kale
  • Abhishek Nagar


  • PICT (TBC)
  • COEP (TBC)
  • Wadia College (TBC)
  • Narangkar (not sure of the name; TBC)
  • Symbiosis ( Abhishek to confirm)

College Coordinators

  • Arun Nair
  • Amit Karpe
  • Vipul (PICT contact)


Tentative timeline for the pilot to be executed is 5-6 weeks, which might be adapted and updated on this page for clarification.


Drupalkar currently is only for pune and maybe taken over to new cities in India by drupal evangelists else where. I am cross posting this to India group for feedback on the approach etc.

Any comments, feedback on the approach or volunteering is important for success of drupalkar, most importantly we need students and organizers to patch colleges in for the drupalkar pilot.

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Pune Drupal Developers / Users Meet – 26 Dec

What: Pune Drupal Developers Meet
When: Saturday, 26 December, 4:30pm-6:30pm
Where: Richmond Ventures, C-30, Liberty Society – Phase 2, Behind Baskin Robbins Icecream, Near Pizza Hut, North Main Road, Koregoan Park, Pune.
Registration and Fees: This is a free event. No registration necessary. Please call : 9822602183 (Nikhil) / 9850504668 ( Rajeev) for more information about the meeting and directions.

Click on the image to see all PuneTech articles about Drupal. Image via Wikipedia


The Agenda for the meeting is :
– Networking of Pune’s Drupal community
– Discussion on Drupal based Social Networking sites
– Discussion on Zen theme usage.

Anyone interested in knowing more about Drupal is also invited.

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Pune Drupal Developers/Users meeting

Image via Wikipedia

What: Get-together of Pune’s Drupal development/user community
When: Sunday, 30th August, 4pm
Where: Richmond Ventures, C-30, Liberty Society – Phase 2, Behind Baskin Robbins Icecream, Near Pizza Hut, North Main Road, Koregoan Park
Registration and Fees: This meeting is free for all to attend. No registration required.


The Agenda for the meeting is :

  • Networking of Pune’s Drupal community
  • Discussion on Drupal based Social Networking sites
  • Discussion on Zen theme usage.

This is organized by Nikhil Kala and Rajeev Karajgikar. Anyone interested in knowing more about Drupal is also invited.

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Joomla Training by JUG Pune – 9th May

joomla-logoWhat: Joomla Training for beginners by Joomla User Group Pune
When: Saturday, 9th May. 11am to 1pm
Where: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, Model Colony. Map.
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. You need to register here. The registration currently appears to be full, but if you are enterprising enough, I’m sure you can get registered even now


If you don’t know about the Joomla User Group Pune (JUG Pune), you’ve not been paying attention. They recently organized the very successful Joomla! Day India.

Now, for those who were always interested in Joomla! but were afraid to ask, JUGPune has organized a short training course introducing beginners to Joomla! The training will cover:

  1. Introduction to a CMS
  2. Key advantages of Joomla
  3. Creating pages and menus in Joomla
  4. Introduction to modules, plugins and components

Unfortunately, the registration page indicates that the registrations are full currently. But don’t let a little thing like a housefull stop you. I’m sure that if you are really interested, and if you pain the organizers enough, they’ll increase the registrations to allow you to register. The place to whine is the JUGPune mailing list, or even on twitter.

And as usual, keep an eye on the PuneTech calendar, because you don’t want to miss all the interesting tech events that happen in pune every week.

An Introduction to Joomla! CMS

If you’ve been following the tech scene in Pune, you’d be aware of the tremendous success of PHPCamp Pune with over a 1000 registrants. One thing that quickly became clear during PHPCamp is the interest in having special interest groups for more specialized areas within PHP hacking – specifically Open Social, Drupal and Joomla!. To help you stay in touch, we asked Amit Kumar Singh, one of the primary movers behind PHPCamp, and behind the Joomla Users Group, India to give our readers an overview of Joomla! – what it is, and why is it so popular. This article is intentionally low-tech at our request – to give people just an quick overview of Joomla! If you want more details, especially technical deep dives, head over to Amit’s blog where he often has articles about Joomla!

Have you ever wondered how you can quickly build a website for yourself or your organization? If yes, then read on to find how you can do so.

What is Joomla!

Joomla! is a open source, content management system( CMS), written in PHP, licensed under GPL and managed by OSM Foundation .

Joomla is the English spelling of the Swahili word jumla meaning “all together” or “as a whole”.  You can read more about history of Joomla at wikipedia.

Well, in one word, secret to build websites quickly and easily is Joomla!. It takes the pain out of building and maintaining websites. It is designed and build to make managing websites easier for a layman.

Where to use

It can be used to build

  • Personal Websites
  • Company’s Website
  • Small Business Websites
  • NGO Websites
  • Online magazines and publications websites
  • School and colleges Websites

This is basically list of things t