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Joomla Training by JUG Pune – 9th May

joomla-logoWhat: Joomla Training for beginners by Joomla User Group Pune
When: Saturday, 9th May. 11am to 1pm
Where: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, Model Colony. Map.
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. You need to register here. The registration currently appears to be full, but if you are enterprising enough, I’m sure you can get registered even now


If you don’t know about the Joomla User Group Pune (JUG Pune), you’ve not been paying attention. They recently organized the very successful Joomla! Day India.

Now, for those who were always interested in Joomla! but were afraid to ask, JUGPune has organized a short training course introducing beginners to Joomla! The training will cover:

  1. Introduction to a CMS
  2. Key advantages of Joomla
  3. Creating pages and menus in Joomla
  4. Introduction to modules, plugins and components

Unfortunately, the registration page indicates that the registrations are full currently. But don’t let a little thing like a housefull stop you. I’m sure that if you are really interested, and if you pain the organizers enough, they’ll increase the registrations to allow you to register. The place to whine is the JUGPune mailing list, or even on twitter.

And as usual, keep an eye on the PuneTech calendar, because you don’t want to miss all the interesting tech events that happen in pune every week.

You can still go for Joomla! Day (free) – India’s biggest Joomla conference – 25 April

Joomla logo
Joomla logo

Joomla! Day India, will be big. Toby Patterson, a member of the Joomla! Core team development workgroup member (Update: Sorry about misidentifying Toby – Live tweets from the event indicate that his keynote was great), will be giving the keynote speech. Members of the Joomla! bug squad will be there. And they are coming in from outside the country, so if you miss them this time, you are not going to get a chance to interact with them in the next run-of-the-mill barcamp that happens in Pune, or even Bombay/Bangalore. So what’s your excuse for not going? Earlier, due to the costs of having external visitors for this event, the price of entry was Rs. 1000. But thanks to the organizers finding appropriate sponsors, everything, including the prizes worth $1600, the T-shirts, the lunch/snacks and other goodies are FREE! (Update: The T-shirts, snacks and other goodies are NOT FREE. They had to be removed to make the event free. Sorry about the misinformation.)

Register here.

It is tomorrow, Saturday, 25th April, from 9am to 6pm at I2IT campus, Hinjewadi. These are the sessions planned:

Keynote By Toby Patterson
Session 1: Hello Joomla!  – Joomla in 45 mins
Case Study 1
Session 2: Still on Joomla 1.0? Migration from 1.0 to 1.5
Session 3: Joomla & Cloud ComputingAmazon S3
Session 4: Request to Response
Open Sessions
Case Study 2

For other tech events happening in Pune this weekend, check out the PuneTech calendar.

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