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Archive for August, 2009.

Pune Drupal Developers/Users meeting

Image via Wikipedia What: Get-together of Pune’s Drupal development/user community When: Sunday, 30th August, 4pm Where: Richmond Ventures, C-30, Liberty Society – Phase 2, Behind Baskin Robbins Icecream, Near Pizza Hut, North Main Road, Koregoan Park Registration and Fees: This meeting is free for all to attend. No registration required. Details: The Agenda for the […]

Resisting Scala – Why good managers resist great new technologies

Dhananjay Nene is pretending to be a manager who is resisting exhortations from his techies that the group should switch all development to Scala, the hot new language that is touted as a long-term replacement for Java.

Nominations open for Innovations 2010 – Showcase your ideas

Innovations is an annual event hosted by the Pune Chapter IIT Bombay Alumni Association in January every year, with the aim of helping innovators and entrepreneurs of India to create and expand the ecosystem around them. The event showcases the select few innovators to an elite gathering of VCs and experts. Innovations 2010 is the fourth event in their series and will feature presentations by 16 selected innovators from around the country.

Nominate your innovative ideas for being showcased in this event.

Innovation Flow – The Science of Flowing Ideas and Inventions into Innovation – 27th Aug

What: Innovation Flow – the science of flowing Ideas and Inventions into Innovation by M.V. Shankar, Principal Scientist, Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd, Pune. This is the 6th talk in the NCL Innovations Seminar Series. When: Thursday, 27th August, 4:00pm Where: Second Floor Lecture Hall, Main Building, National Chemical Laboratory, Pashan Road Registration and fees: […]

Call for Papers: ClubHack 2009 Information Security Conference

ClubHack is an initiative to bring security awareness to common people who use computers and internet in their daily life. It’s a member driven open community to make cyber security a common sense. The phenomenal growth of the Internet economy has led to a sharp increase in computer crimes and hacking incidents. ClubHack aims at […]

Can we use technology to solve some of Pune’s problems?

Unmesh Mayekar urges the community to start a series on PuneTech where everyday problems (plaguing Pune) are taken and an attempt is made to address them using technology.

PuneChips Event: ASIC Verification trends and challenges – Jagdish Doma, former director of VLSI design Conexant Systems – 20 Aug

Image via Wikipedia What: Trends and Challenges by Jagdish Doma, former director of VLSI design for Conexant Systems When: Thursday, 20th August, 6:30pm to 8:00pm Where: Venture Center, NCL Innovation Park, Pashan Road. To reach Venture Center, go past NCL towards Pashan, pass the cricket ground adjacent to NCL and then you’ll find NCL Innovation […]

“Don’t develop any software until you have a customer” – Interview of serial entrepreneur Anand Soman

As a part of the new, experimental PuneTech video series, we interviewed Anand Soman, CEO of Pune-based startup Infinishare, and serial entrepreneur. Infinishare provides software for a host of internet enabled devices, including digital photoframe devices, digital displays, home internet devices. They provide a full software stack for such devices, but their core IP is […]

Call for Speakers – IndicThreads Conference on Java Technologies, Pune Dec 2009

The IndicThreads Java conference is a technology conference that happens in Pune every year. The conference has in-depth, vendor-neutral technical sessions about a wide range of topics in the Java space. If you have done some interesting work in or related to Java, you should consider submitting a proposal. PuneTech has detailed coverage of last […]

PuneTech editorial policy – biased, and proud of it!

On a recent article, an anonymous commenter castigated us thus: This posts comes across as a promotion of a person more than his views/contributions or even his blog. Please be objective in future such promotions (a disclaimer, e.g. he is not paying or otherwise doing any favors to PuneTech to promote him, would also help). […]