Top ranked websites from Pune

This is a list of top-ranked sites created/maintained by people from Pune. Basically it’s a listing of all Pune-based websites with Google PageRank of 6 or above, and also includes some with PR 5 and 4. (Google PageRank is a number assigned to a website by Google’s search engine to indicate the relative importance of different websites. PageRank is a number from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest (i.e. most important). This is an ‘exponential’ scale, which means that, very roughly, a site with PageRank of 5 is ten times more important than a site with PageRank of 4; and also it is ten times more difficult to attain a PageRank 5 compared to getting a PageRank of 4. You can check the PageRank of a site at sites like these.)

If you can think of an important Pune-based site, that is not listed, please check it’s PageRank at one of the sites listed above, and if it has a PageRank of 5 or more, contact us. (This page was last updated on 17 Jun 2013.)

PageRank 7

PageRank 6

PageRank 5

PageRank 4

This list is very, very incomplete, but still useful.

3 thoughts on “Top ranked websites from Pune

  1. This list has no mention about when it was created. When it was updated. A parameter like Page rank keeps varying. It cannot be static as shown here.

    Wither it should be updated regularly or a clear mention on when it was compiled.

    in absence of these, this list serves little value .

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