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Archive for July, 2012.

Lecture on Turing Award Winner Ted Codd (Databases) by Sham Navathe – 4 Aug

Ted Codd was awarded the Turing Award in 1981 for “his fundamental and continuing contributions to the theory and practice of database management systems.” A simpler way to put it would be that Codd was given the award for inventing relational databases (RDBMS). On 4th August, Prof. Sham Navathe, of Georgia Tech University, who is […]

Activities of SEAP – the Software Exporters Association of Pune

SEAP (the Software Exporters Association of Pune), the organization consisting of top software companies of Pune has been very active last year. On 27th July SEAP had its AGM, and at this, Gaurav Mehra, president of SEAP gave a report of his activities. This is a quick capture of his report – and should give […]

PuneTech Event: Storage Technology Trends talk by Ken Boyd, IBM: 28 July

Ken Boyd, a Distinguished Engineer at IBM, who has been building high end storage products at IBM for over 25 years, is visiting Pune and will talk about his thoughts on the trends in storage technology. On Saturday July 28, 5pm, at MCCIA, SB Road, Ken will present some of the technology trends that are […]

Event Report: Turing 100 @ Persistent – The Theory of Computation

This is a liveblog of the Turing 100 @ Persistent Event. The Turing Awards celebrate the achievements of some of the most influential computer scientists. Unfortunately, a lot of the professionals and students in computer science are not well versed with the work of Turing Award winners, and since this year is the 100th birth […]

SEAP Book Club Report: “Good to Great”

This is a liveblog of the SEAP Book Club Meeting on 7th July, where Gaurav Mehra, co-founder and MD of Saba Software, talked about the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. The SEAP Book Club meets on the first Saturday of every month at 10:30am in Sungard, Aundh. This book is the second in […]

Call for Speakers: ClubHack Security Conference 2012

ClubHack is one of India’s foremost conferences on Security and is now in its 6th year. As usual, it will be on the first weekend of December (1st to 3rd) in Pune. However, rather than focusing on just plain security and awareness of security, ClubHack is now changing its focus. Here is the motivation: ClubHack […]

Event: Turing’s Theory of Computing – Turing 100 @ Persistent – July 7

The Turing awards, named after Alan Turing, given every year, are the highest achievement that a computer scientist can earn. And the contributions of each Turing award winner are then, arguably, the most important topics in computer science. This year, the Turing 100 @ Persistent lecture series will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alan Turing’s […]