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Call for Papers: Computer Society of India’s Advances in Cloud Computing Conference – ACC 2014

The Pune Chapter of the Computer Society of India is organizing Advances in Cloud Computing (ACC 2014), an international conference targeting researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners to share their knowledge in the rapidly growing area of Cloud Computing.

This is the 3rd edition of ACC. The first two were held in Bangalore (2012 and 2013), and it is coming to Pune for the first time this year – on 11 and 12 October, 2014.

The theme of this years conference is Internet of Things (IoT). IoT envisions a self-configuring and adaptive complex system made out of networks of sensors and smart objects whose purpose is to interconnect “all” things, including every day and industrial objects in such a way so as to make them intelligent, programmable and more capable of interacting with human beings. IoT promises to be the most disruptive technological revolution since the advent of the Internet. Projections indicate that up to 100 billion objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020. IoT covers all types of sensors, communication protocols, computational tools, techniques, devices, processors, embedded systems, data warehousing, big data, cloud computing, server farms, grid computing etc.

Call for Papers

The call for papers for ACC 2014 is open, and the last date of submission is 10th August. Topics of interest include:

  • IoT architectures: things-centric, data-centric, service-centric architecture; cyber physical systems; SCADA platforms; smart grids, green technologies; enterprise cloud for IoT; future Internet for IoT.
  • IoT enabling technologies: Sensors and sensor network; radio frequency identification system; mobile technologies; smart phones; smart objects; low power and energy harvesting; resource-constrained devices; real-time systems; embedded software.
  • IoT services and applications: Smart automobiles, smart buildings, smart cities; platform as a service; M2M applications; Social networking; data management; mining platforms; middleware; open service platform.
  • IoT system integration, management, and standards: SOA based integration of IoT; M2M connectivity challenges and potentials; data management, Data Analytics; smart Data centers; open APIs for IoT; networking standards, e.g. IEEE 802.11ah; interoperable systems; ownership, regulation.
  • IoT Business model and Process changes: Supply chain management; collaborative business model; service-driven model; product as a service; resource sharing and optimization; e-commerce, C2C, C2B, B2B; user and process behavior analysis.
  • IoT security and privacy concerns: Identification, authentication, and authorizing objects; secure collaboration; context-aware security; web services security; cloud security; lightweight cryptographic primitives; infrastructure protection; trust management; legal challenges and Governance issues.
  • Big Data: Big Data Science, Data Computing, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Data Understanding, Data Applications, Data Privacy and Security.

For more details of the conference, the process, submission guidelines, see the ACC 2014 website

Call for Papers/Tutorials: CMG India Conference on Computer Performance Engineering

CMG India (Computer Measurement Group) is a group of performance management and capacity management professionals and students in the software industry.

The first annual conference of CMG India will be held in Pune on December 12 and 13. Last year, CMG India had a half day conference in Pune and that was quite successful.

The [call for papers][cmg2104cfp] or tutorials for the CMG 2014 conference is open currently – but it closes on 30th June, so hurry, only 12 days left.

The conference is looking for original submissions of real life experiences, (research) work in progress, tutorials in the following areas:

  • Performance Engineering of IT Systems: Design, Development, and Production System Management
  • Performance & Capacity Modelling
  • Big Data Performance Engineering
  • Cloud Performance Engineering
  • Mobile Systems Performance
  • In Memory Computing: Design and Optimization
  • High Performance Computing
  • Large System Architecture & Design for Performance

For more details of format and what is expected, see the call for papers.

This promises to be a high quality conference – the organizing and program committees consist of people from TCS (TRDDC), Cisco, IIT-Bombay, Intel, Persistent, Accenture, Microsoft and more.

For more details see the CMG India website, the CMG India First Annual Conference 2014 website, and the FAQ for the conference.

Call for Proposals: Deccan Ruby Conference July 2014

The Deccan Ruby Conference, the first of its name, will be held in Pune on 19 July 2014, at the Hyatt Regency in Pune.

The call for talk proposals is now open, and will remain open until 5th June.

Submitting a talk proposal is the first step towards making this conference a big success, and in general making Pune’s active tech scene even more awesome.

If you have any question, write to the organizers at team@deccanrubyconf.org

About the Conference

Ruby is fun and this is our idea of having fun while organising a conference. A one-day, single-track conference that starts early and ends late! The conference boasts of workshops and talks for both beginners and experts, a lavish party at a local brewery and a potential Futsal tournament among conference attendees! (After all the World Cup finals would have been just a week earlier). For people staying on till Sunday, we plan to organise a trip to Sinhagad (a fort near Pune that has some pristine scenery and a rich history that will leave you speechless). A good easy 1 hour trek for those who want more than just some football.

“Hou De Karcha” (Let there be expense)

Ticket sales for those interested in just attending the conference are now open, and at the time this article is written, you can still get early bird prices:

  • Early bird tickets will go at Rs. 1,150
  • Standard tickets will be at Rs. 1,850.

“Hou De Shikshan” (Let there be education)

Pune being a student city (yes – there are about 150 colleges just inside the City!), in a very unique way, we are allowing Companies to sponsor students while getting access to hiring budding Rubyists. Read more about this in the Sponsorship Prospectus!

“Hou De Tota” (Let there be loss)

Welcome sponsors! More details in the Sponsorship Prospectus but here are the sponsor slabs:

  • Lai Bhari: Rs. 1,00,001
  • Bhari: Rs. 40,001
  • Abhari: Rs. 12,501

Note: Do not miss the 1 Re. “shagun” (good luck).

Please double-check the date/time/venue of the event at the above link. We try to ensure that PuneTech listings are accurate, but occasional errors creep in.

Call for Proposals: Pune Scala Symposium 12 April

On April 12th, Thoughtworks Pune will play host to a day-long conference on Scala in Pune, and the call for proposals is now up. Here are some examples of topics that you can submit talks on:

  • experience reports from commercial projects (what worked, what did not and insights from implementing Scala on the project)
  • experience reports contributing to open source projects or consulting projects
  • demo/introduction to a library/tool/framework/technique

Propose a session now!

If your talk gets accepted, ThoughtWorks will sponsor your travel (domestic) and stay.

Who should attend:

If you are an existing user of Scala or other functional programming languages or if you are curious to know more about Scala and want to find out how other companies are using Scala, come join the Pune Scala Symposium. You will get to meet Scala enthusiasts from across India, discuss and learn from each other.


ThoughtWorks India Pvt Ltd, 6th Floor, Binarius Building, Deepak Complex, National Games Road, Beside Sales Tax Office, Shastrinagar, Yerwada, Pune.

Follow @punescala on twitter, and join in the conversation using #punescala.

Fees and Registration

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. Please register here: http://info.thoughtworks.com/pune-scala-symposium-april-12-registration.html.

Food and refreshment drinks will be provided. Attendance is free of charge. Seats are limited, so sign up now!

If you have any questions write to punescala@thoughtworks.com or you can reach out to Mushtaq Ahmed on +919850099687.

Ruby Conf is coming to Pune – Call for Speakers is now Open

Ruby Conf, a big, 2-day technical conference of everybody interested
in the Ruby programming language is coming to Pune on 22/23 June, 2013.

The call for speakers is now open. If you have done any work in Ruby, or there is simply some technique, or library that you have used and find interesting, this is your chance to get your 15 minutes of fame amongst the Ruby community in India. This will be a big conference with international participation, so if you into Ruby, you should not miss this chance.

This will be the 4th RubyConf in India, and the second in Pune. Information about the previous ones can be found here. RubyConf India typically sees 500+ participants, and includes notable members of the local and international Ruby community.

Volunteering: If you’re interested in helping out with the conference, please join the PuneRuby mailing list.

For latest information on RubyConf, follow them on twitter.

And, submit a proposal now.

If you are a company that would like to sponsor, the call for sponsors is also open. Sponsorship can be in the form of a direct cash sponsorship, or you could do something else like after-parties, event pre-launch dinners etc.

Call for Speakers: GNUnify 2013 – 3-day open-source technologies conference

The call for speakers for GNUnify 2013, one of India’s biggest open source conferences, which runs for 3 days in February (15, 16, 17 Feb) in SICSR, Pune, is now open.

If you have done any work with any open source technology, whether it is in the area of System Admin, Networking, Security, Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, Cloud Computing, Scientific Computing, System Programming, or any General Topics or Trends in FOSS, please submit a proposal for a talk.

Lots of people from all over India, and also some from abroad, come for this conference. This is your chance to connect with people passionate about technologies, and enthusiastic students.

You can put in a proposal for a techie talk (short), a workshop (long – and more geared towards beginners), or a BOF (Birds of a Feather – where you just decide the topic and drive the discussion, and all the people interested in that topic collect together and discuss).

You don’t need to be an expert in the topic you propose for a talk. You just need to have done work in that area, and have actual hands on experience – that is good enough. At this point, you just need to submit a one paragraph abstract – so you have no excuse for not submitting a talk.

To submit a proposal go to the GNUnify website, create an account either using OpenID or username/password, and once you log into your account you should see a “Register a Talk/Workshop” button on the right side of the screen.

Call for Speakers: IndicThreads Conference Pune

The call for speakers for the IndicThreads’ software technology conference is open. The conference is in December, but the CFP closes this week (22 September), and you should submit a proposal

IndicThreads have been holding tech conferences in Pune for the last 7 years, and their conferences are the top pure technology conferences in Pune. An IndicThreads conference is one of the best places to hear about the latest trends in the software industry, and to meet techies from large and small companies of not only Pune, but the rest of the country too.

The conference itself is paid, but becoming a speaker is a good way to get into the conference for free.

This time around, the conference will cover a wide range of technologies from Java, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development to emerging technologies like Big Data, Gamification, HTML5. (Traditionally, IndicThreads used to have a Java conference – but this year, they are broadening the theme.)

The CFP calls for submissions in these areas:

  • Software Architecture
  • Cloud Computing: IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
  • Design methodology
  • Mobile Software Platforms
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Optimization, Scaling, Caching and Performance Tuning
  • Java Language Specs & Standards
  • Enterprise Java (JavaEE)
  • JVM Languages
  • Software Security
  • Development Frameworks
  • Big Data
  • NoSQL Software Development
  • Agile
  • HTML5
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Case Studies and Real World Experiences

But feel free to submit other topics in software technology too. The audience consists mostly of software architects and project leads from various product and services companies across India. If you have done any interesting work in one of the areas above, you should submit a proposal. For now, all you need to do is submit a one paragraph abstract of what you’d like to talk about.


  • Because you get a free pass to the conference
  • Get recognized amongst the community as an expert in an area
  • It strengthens the tech community in Pune, which benefits all of us.

The submission deadline is 22 Sept, so submit your proposal now. For more details about the conference itself, see the conference webpage.

Call for Speakers: ClubHack Security Conference 2012

ClubHack is one of India’s foremost conferences on Security and is now in its 6th year. As usual, it will be on the first weekend of December (1st to 3rd) in Pune.

However, rather than focusing on just plain security and awareness of security, ClubHack is now changing its focus. Here is the motivation:

ClubHack when started in 2007, dreamt that people in India will wake up and start thinking information security seriously. We even decided our motto as “Making Security a Common Sense”. After 5 long years, today we witness a lot of action around the country in this field, media as well as working professionals are actually looking towards security seriously.

Waking up to an extent that today we see 5-6 similar events in India on the same line. Hence we have now decided to confer the task of rest of the awakening to them and start a new journey.

ClubHack2012 onwards, we will concentrate our energies in empowering innovation & leadership development. Having loved our domain so much, we’d continue to do this in the domain of information security only. And that coins our new motto line “Empowering Innovation & Leadership in Information Security”

With this in mind, this year’s ClubHack is looking for speakers who can emphasize entrepreneurship in this space. So, here is a partial list of suggested topics:

  • Entrepreneurship in infosec product development
  • Research work in infosec
  • Innovation in attack vectors
  • Attacks on Cloud
  • Mobile computing
  • Malware & Botnets
  • Privacy with social networks
  • Telecom Security (3G/4G, SS7, GSM/CDMA, VoIP) and Phone Phreaking
  • Hardware, Embedded Systems and other Electronic Devices Hacking
  • War of handhelds & BYOD
  • Cyber warfare & your role
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) – COMINT, ELINT, etc
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Security aspects in SCADA and industrial environments and “obscure” networks
  • & the general other infosec domains like web, network, tools & exploits etc.

Those who would like to deliver a workshop at ClubHack2012, please write to cfp@clubhack.com to discuss the details.

Why become a speaker? In addition to helping the community, becoming well known and famous, meeting interesting people in this area, you also get:

  • Travel reimbursement or arrangement of economy return tickets for speakers
  • Accommodation for 2
  • Complementary passes for event & party for 2
  • Gift hampers & freebies

See the CFP link for more details of how to submit a proposal.

Call for Speakers: GNUnify – India’s Biggest Open Source Conference

(Sorry about the late notice. This CFP for GNUnify is open until Wednesday Feb 1st, so please hurry and register as a speaker.)

GNUnify, organized by Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) and SICSR is one of the biggest free and open source conferences in India. It will be held on 10th and 11th Feb in Pune and will feature speakers and attendees from all over the world (yes, it regularly gets international visitors).

This year, the theme is “Emerging and Next Generation Technologies in the World of FOSS,” and they are looking for speakers in these tracks/categories:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • System Programming
  • Emerging Languages
  • Sys Admin
  • Security
  • Web Technologies

To register as a speaker, go to the Speaker Registration Page and follow the directions there. All you need to do is provide a short abstract of what you would like to speak about. This, you should be able to do, in spite of the fact that PuneTech has provided you with just 1 day notice 🙂

Benefits of being a speaker at GNUnify:

  • Accomodation and reimbursement of travel expenses for speakers from out of Pune
  • Get established as an expert in your area of work
  • Interact with some of the most passionate students and professionals in open source
  • Give back to the community that has given you so much.

Register Now. See the GNUnify Website for more details.

Call for Speakers: JSFoo JavaScript Conference Pune

HasGeek, the folks who brought us high quality tech conferences like DocType Html5 and DroidCon, are organizing [JSFoo] a JavaScript conference in Pune on 21st January. Considering that JavaScript is one of the most important programming languages in the world today, anyone who is interested in technology should consider attending this conference, and if you have done some work in JavaScript, they you should definitely speak at the conference.

More details below.

About JSFoo

JSFoo is a one day conference on building full size apps in JavaScript. Come over for a full day with the smartest geeks from across India who have figured it out and will show you how. We have sessions covering the range from pure JavaScript apps in Node.js to real-time streaming of data to building entirely in the client side with Backbone.js.

This is an event for serious JavaScript programmers who want to learn from their peers.

The JSFoo conference series began with a Bangalore edition on October 1, 2011, followed by [Pune][http://jsfoo.in/pune2012/] and Chennai (upcoming).

Call for Speakers

Why be a speaker at a conference. First, you get a free ticket. Second, you instantly establish yourself as a expert in your area. Finally, this is a great way to meet the most interesting people working in this area. All you need to do is talk about some experience you’ve had with building JavaScript apps, or a tool, or a platform. The talk is expected to be 30 minutes, with additional 10 minutes for Q&A. At this point, all you need to do is submit the title of your talk at the JSFoo Speaker Submission Page

Schedule and Tickets

JSFoo is a paid conference. Regular tickets cost Rs. 800 and you can register here.

To get an idea of the talks and speakers lined up see this page. Note, this is still a partial list and more will get added based on further speaker submissions.

Other Details

The event is on 21st January, all day, at 7th floor, SICSR, (Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, near Om Market, Model Colony). Register here

There is also a JavaScript Hacknight on 14th January (one week before the actual conference) which gives 30 of the attendees a chance to spend an entire night hacking on interesting JavaScript projects. See hacknight videos from JSFoo Bangalore to get an idea of what a hacknight is. Hacknight is open to all registered participants of JSFoo Pune, but requires separate registration because the venue (Office of http://amiworks.co.in) has limited space.

JSFoo: http://jsfoo.in/