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Last 2 days to nominate your startup for Unpluggd4 Pune

Unpluggd is one of India’s top startup events, and it is coming to Pune on Nov 19th. Sunday, Nov 6th is the last date for nominating your startup to be one of the selected startups to demo at UnPluggd4.

If you have a startup, then Unpluggd is a great platform for showcasing your product. The who’s who of Indian startups will be here, and not only do you get exposure, but it also looks good on your startup’s resume (“selected for Unpluggd 201”). So nominate yourself.

Call for Papers: ACM Pune’s Compute 2012 Conference on Intelligent & Scalable Systems

ACM Pune writes

With the advent of information age/knowledge age powered by internet, increasingly large amount of information is being generated and is becoming accessible electronically. The internet has promoted and sped the growth of information. It is growing at an astounding pace and today has more than 34 Billion web pages. It is now an ocean with various kinds of artifacts. However most of the information artifacts are designed and developed for consumption by humans.

High performance computing systems are employed across diverse fields to simulate and study complex systems, and generate new knowledge and information. Advances in field range from hardware and software architecture techniques to novel applications, and are increasing the pace of generation of new knowledge and information. An important concern is the scalability of these techniques. Cloud computing, for instance, holds a lot of promise in this direction.

Enterprise systems are growing in size, large software frameworks are being deployed. The dynamic business scenarios are prompting mergers and acquisitions due to which different IT systems are interfaced with each other. This is increasing the complexities of the systems and there is significant learning curve to understand such applications. Enterprises are facing problems related to comprehension, knowledge representation and reasoning. The 21st century needs systems that that are less people dependent, able to capture expert knowledge, and equipped to handle information overload.

Compute 2012 invites submissions from both researchers and practitioners in the broad area of scalable and intelligent systems. An indicative list of appropriate topics is as follows:

  • Knowledge and Information Retrieval
    • Text-Based Information Retrieval, Text Mining
    • NLP- Text summarization, keyword extraction, topic identification
    • User Context Mining. Context models for IR, context analysis from social networks
    • Cross-language retrieval, multilingual retrieval, machine translation for IR
    • Semantic Web, Meta data analysis and tagging, knowledge extraction, inference, and maintenance
    • Information Retrieval models, language models, similarity measures, formal analysis
    • Information visualization
    • Mathematical Foundations of IR
    • Probabilistic, logic based IR models, and quantum mechanics Based IR models
    • New models, frameworks and approaches to IR Techniques
    • Classification, categorization, and clustering
    • Web IR
    • Machine learning for IR
    • Browsing, semantic search, meta-search
    • Knowledge Representation And Reasoning
    • Ontology learning
    • Semantic reasoning
    • Applications, services and systems based on semantic processing
    • Ontologies in practical knowledge and software engineering
    • Practical knowledge representation and discovery techniques in software engineering
    • Agent-oriented software engineering
    • AI approaches in software engineering process
    • Declarative, logic-based approaches
    • Vocabularies’, Ontologies and Rules for enterprise systems
    • Knowledge and software engineering for the Semantic Web
    • Web Mining including Web Intelligence and Web 3.0
    • Algorithms, methods, and technologies for building Web 3.0
    • Theoretical foundations of Semantic web (Description Logic)
  • High Performance Computing Track
    • Parallel Computing
    • Distributed Computing
    • Data Intensive computing
    • Grid computing
    • Cloud computing
    • On-Demand Computing
    • Ubiquitous Computing
    • Performance and benchmarking techniques
    • Programming techniques for HPC
    • Theoretical issues in Parallel, Cluster and Distributed systems
    • HPC Applications
    • System software for HPC

Submission Process

Authors are advised to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered for publication in any other forum. The authors can submit up to a maximum of 8 ACM conference pages (about 4000 words).At least one author is required to attend the conference and present the paper.

Easychair Submission Page: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=compute2012

Submission Templates

  • Latex: http://www.acm.org/publications/submissions/latex_style
  • Word: http://www.acm.org/publications/word_style/word-style-toc/

For details about the Organizing Committee, the Program Committee and other information, please see ACM Compute Pune 2012 page

Call for Speakers – IndicThreads Conference on Java – Dec 2011

The call for speakers for the 6th Annual IndicThreads’ conference on Java is open. The conference itself is in December, but the CFP closes this week (10th September) and you should submit a proposal.

Pune’s http://IndicThreads.com has been holding Java conferences since 2006 and the feedback on their conferences has generally been good. You can check previous PuneTech coverage of IndicThreads to get an idea.

The conference itself is paid, but becoming a speaker is a good way to get into it for free.

Suggested topics are:

  • Java Language Specs & Standards
  • Enterprise Java
  • Java For Mobile Devices
  • Java for Multi-core Computing
  • Optimization, Scaling, Caching and Performance Tuning
  • Cloud Computing for Java
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Languages for the JVM
  • Frameworks
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Spring
  • Virtualization
  • Social Networking
  • Security
  • Agile
  • Java RIA
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Case Studies and Real World Experiences

For more details see the conference webpage

As to why you should bother to submit a proposal, see this post written for an earlier CFP which gives the reasons. And go for it now.

Note, there is also a call for speakers open for the ClubHack conference. So that gives you two avenues to showcase your work.

Call for Speakers / Demos – NASSCOM Game Developer Conference, Pune

The NASSCOM Game Developer Conference started as an experiment in 2009 to address the game developer community in India which grew into an independent 2 day conference in its 2nd year attended by more than 350 + delegates and fabulous talks, post mortems and panel discussions.

Now the 3rd edition is here; Scheduled on 11th – 12th November, 2011 in Pune due to high demand.

The call for speakers / presenters is open. You can give a talk, or you can pitch your game. Proposals are invited for the following tracks:

  • Game Programming
  • Art
  • Game Design
  • Production
  • Gaming Business
  • General

Games on all platforms are welcom: mobile, handheld, consoles, PC, web.

Apply to be a speaker by sending this form to Shruti Verma.

More details about the event are here

Call for Presentations – ClubHack Security Conference – Dec 2011

ClubHack is one of India’s foremost conferences on Security and is now in its 5th year. As usual, it will be on the first weekend of December (3rd & 4th) in Pune. Last year, [ClubHack ] had Security Guru Bruce Schneier as the keynote speaker.

The call for presentations is out, and if you’re working in the area of computer security, you should submit a presentation proposal.

Why should you submit?

Being a speaker at a conference gives you visibility and establishes you as an expert in your domain. Plus, as a part of the community, it is your duty to ensure that such events get the best quality of content. And in addition there are the material benefits:

  • 100% Travel reimbursement of economy return tickets for all Indian speakers
  • Accommodation for 2 in Pune
  • Complementary passes for event & party for 2
  • Gift hampers & freebies

Suggested topics are:

  • Cloud Application Security
  • Mobile Security (cellular technologies)
  • Mobile platform attacks (iOS, Android, BB, Win7, Symbian)
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Cyber warfare
  • Hardware mods
  • Critical Infrastructure Attack & Protection
  • Protocol based vulnerability in networks and computers
  • Firewall Evasion techniques
  • Data Recovery and Incident Response
  • WLAN and Bluetooth Security
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Open source hacking toolkit
  • Cyber Crime & law

But of course, you can submit proposals for talks in other related areas of security too.

See the CFP for more details, and specifics on how to submit a proposal.

Call for Speakers: IndicThreads Conference on Mobile App Development – 2011

Regular readers of PuneTech will know that we believe IndicThreads conducts the best vendor-neutral tech conferences in Pune, and hence we’re usually glad to promote the CFP for their conferences. Currently, the CFP for their Mobile Applications Development Conference (to be held in Pune on 19, 20 August 2011) is open and we would like to encourage our readers to submit proposals.

Since IndicThreads is a paid conference, PuneTech does not promote the conference itself on the PuneTech home page, but we’re happy to promote the call-for-speakers, since that is free, and it allows the selected speakers to attend the conference without having to pay. There are of course other benefits to being a speaker at one of these conferences – including increasing your visibility, becoming known as a domain expert, etc.

This CFP is soliciting speakers in the areas of mobile applications, mobile application platforms, frameworks, tools, testing, performance, security and in general anything interesting related to mobile applications.

The last date for submitting the proposal is 15th June, and right now, you only have to submit a short abstract of what you will be speaking about. So, it is as easy as just clicking here and writing one paragraph about whatever work you’ve been doing in the area of mobile app development recently. Just do it.

Call for Speakers – IndicThreads Conference on Cloud Computing

Pune’s http://IndicThreads.com, which organizes various conferences in Pune every year, has a call for speakers for their 2nd Conference On Upcoming Technologies to be held on 3rd and 4th June 2011 in Pune. The theme for this year is again Cloud Computing.

Look at these PuneTech posts (article 1, article 2) to get an idea of what last year’s conference was like. Look here for slides of all the talks last year.

If you’re an Industry Professional and have any experience with Cloud Computing, you’re encouraged to submit an abstract by March 31st April 10th. The suggested topics are:

  1. Cloud /Grid architecture
  2. Cloud-based Services and Education
  3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  4. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  5. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  6. Virtualization
  7. High-Performance Computing
  8. Cloud-Delivered Testing
  9. Cloud Lock-in vs. Cloud Interoperability
  10. Multi Cloud Frameworks & APIs
  11. Monitoring Cloud Applications
  12. Data Security & Encryption On The Cloud
  13. Elastic Computing
  14. Cloud Databases
  15. Private vs. Public Clouds
  16. Cloud Scalability
  17. Cloud Analytics

But don’t be limited by these choices.

Click here to submit a proposal. Remember the deadline is 31st March… and all you need to submit at this time, is a one paragraph abstract.

Call for Speakers – IndicThreads Conference on Software Quality

Pune’s http://IndicThreads.com, which organizes various conferences in Pune every year, has just put out a call for submissions for their 2nd Conference On Software Quality to be held on 25th and 26th March 2011 in Pune. The conference will focus on software quality & testing.

Here are some suggested topics:

  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Engineering
  • Component Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Embedded Systems Testing
  • Product vs. Application Testing
  • Games Testing
  • Security Testing
  • ATM Testing
  • Emerging tools and technologies
  • Reliability Testing
  • Testing Middleware Applications
  • SOA Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Protocol Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Software Usability Testing

Note, the audience will consist mostly of senior professionals with 5+ years of experience. Click here for submitting a proposal.

The submission deadline is 31st Jan, 2011. The conference itself will be on 25 and 26 March, in Pune. Write to [ conf AT indicthreads DOT com ] in case of any queries.

2 Security Conferences Call for Papers: ClubHack (with Bruce Schneier!) & nullcon (Goa!)

The call for papers for two interesting security conferences has just been announced, and as usual, PuneTech is trying to encourage its readers to make submissions to the conferences. As indicated in an earlier post, PuneTech does not promote paid conferences, but we’re happy to promote the call for speakers for these conferences, because, for selected speakers, the conferences is free :-).

Bruce Schneier at CFP 2007: Open panel on Net ...
World famous security researcher Bruce Schneier is expected in Pune for ClubHack2010 in December. Image via Wikipedia

The first of these conferences is ClubHack 2010, which will be in December 2010, and will feature world famous security expert Bruce Schneier, and the second one is the nullcon dwitiya which is actually in Goa (but is featured in PuneTech because null started in Pune, and is still a largely Pune-driven group).

ClubHack 2010

ClubHack2010 is expecting a deep knowledge technical presentations/demonstrations on topics from the world of Information Security. These presentations are expected to be of 40 minutes each. The schedule time for each presenter would be 50 minutes out of which 40 minutes are for the presentation & 10 for the question-answer sessions.

Indicative list of Topics for ClubHack2010

The following list of topics is made keeping in mind the most interesting topics in hacking & security. This is more of an indicative list, the papers submission can be on other topics also but have to be close to this & the theme of the event.

  • Protocol / Application based vulnerability in networks and computers
  • Firewall Evasion techniques
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Data Recovery and Incident Response
  • Mobile Security (cellular technologies)
  • WLAN and Bluetooth Security
  • Analysis of malicious code
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Cyber warfare
  • Open source hacking toolkit
  • Cyber Crime & law
  • Hardware mods

Important dates for ClubHack2010

Click on logo for PuneTech wiki page on ClubHack
Click on logo see all PuneTech articles about ClubHack
  • Abstract Submission: 30th October 2010
  • Announcement of selected papers: 5th November 2010
  • Full Paper Submission: 15th November 2010

Speaker Benefits for ClubHack2010

  • Economic Return Ticket รข from your nearest international airport to Pune
  • Accommodation (upto 4 days)
  • Local Tourism package (in Sahyadri Ranges, Western Ghat)
  • One extra ticket for the event
  • No other expenses as ClubHack is a not-for-profit group & finding sponsors in India is tough ๐Ÿ™‚

More details for ClubHack2010

See the ClubHack2010 call for papers for more details

nullcon dwitiya

Click on the NULL logo to see all PuneTech articles about NULL
Click on the NULL logo to see all PuneTech articles about NULL

null is a security community that started in Pune, and is now very active in a number of cities in India, including Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal, etc. They have monthly meets and regular security awareness camps in various Institutions and Organizations, and they also hold an security conference in Goa every year. null describes itself as

We are a bunch of security phreaks who like to share our technical expertise and hacking skills with each other and spread awareness among the common people about the good, the bad and the ugly side of computers and technology. We believe that sharing the right technical knowledge leads to expertise and innovation and that is what we strive to do in our meets and events.

nullcon dwitiya is the second annual null conference, and will be in Goa in Feb 2011. They are soliciting research done by the community as paper submissions for nullcon. Submissions are expected in 4 tracks:

  • Bakkar: 1 Hr Talks
  • Tez: 5-30 min Talks
  • Karyashala: 2-4 Hrs Workshop
  • Desi Jugaad (Local Hack): 1 Hr

Submission Topics for nullcon dwitiya

For “Desi Jugaad” (Local Hack) nullcon is looking for submissions of any kind of local hacks that you have worked on (hints: electronic/mechanical meters, automobile hacking, hardware, mobile phones, lock-picking, bypassing procedures and processes, etc, Be creative :-D)

For the more traditional papers, the indicative domains are:

  • Hardware (ex: RFID, Magnetic Strips, Card Readers, Mobile Devices, Electronic Devices)
  • Tools (non-commercial)
  • Programming/Software Development
  • Networks
  • Information Warfare
  • Botnets, Malware
  • Web
  • New attack vectors
  • Mobile, VOIP and Telecom
  • VM
  • Cloud
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Satellite
  • Wireless
  • Forensics

Important dates for nullcon dwitiya

  • CFP End Date: 30th November 2010
  • Speakers List Online: 10th December 2010
  • Conference Dates: 25th รข 26th February 2011

Speaker Benefits for nullcon dwitiya

Speaker benefits are available for selected speakers in the “Bakkar”, “Desi Jugaad” and “Karyashala” tracks:

  • Free Accommodation for 3 nights
  • Travel (One way or Return depending on the Sponsorships ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • Free access to the conference.
  • Invitation to Mehfil-E-Mausiqi (null party)

More details for nullcon dwitiya

See the nullcon dwitiya call for papers for more details.

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IndicThreads conference on Software Quality – Call for Presentation Proposals

IndicThreads has put out a call for submissions from potential presenters for their first conference on Software Quality, to be held in Pune on 5th and 6th March. If you’ve done any work in tools, processes, programs for testing, you should submit an abstract of your proposed talk.

Why Bother?

indicthreads logo small

  • IndicThreads runs good conferences. See Dhananjay Nene’s report on the Java conference that IndicThreads had in Pune last month.
  • If you’re accepted as a speaker, you get a free pass to the conference.And free hotel stay if you’re from out of town. (All those reading PuneTech from outside Pune, please raise your hands.)
  • Become famous: being a speaker at a national conference is good for visibility, and all engineers should strive for visibility. It’s very important. Almost as important as being a good programmer. (Maybe more?)
  • Help out a good Pune initiative. More submissions will improve the quality of the conference, and having a high quality conference in Pune improves the overall stature of Pune as an emerging IT powerhouse.

Why You?

I’m willing to bet that many people reading this will think – but I am not an expert. Not true. If you’ve spend a couple of years working on some specific aspect of testing, chances are that you’ve acquired expertise that you can present and help improve the understanding of others. You don’t have to have done ground-breaking research. Have you adopted a new tool that came out recently? Talk about it, because others will not have experience with its use. Have you used an old tool in a new way? Definitely submit a proposal. The others in this field would love to hear of this new wine in an old bottle. Have you figured out some new process for making your quality assurance team more productive, or less buggy? (Hey, you of all people should know that we can do testing/QA/debugging on people too, right!?)

Just because you think you are not the Einstein of Quality, does not mean that you should not submit a proposal. If there is something interesting that you’ve spent your time on in the last year or two, and if you think that 5 other people doing a job exactly like yours would benefit from what you learned – then you should (no, actually, you must) submit a proposal.

And, since recently PuneTech has been thinking about how to involve students in industry, here another idea. If you’re a student and you have ideas on how the Software Quality industry can get students more interested in this field, here is your chance to make your idea to a large roomful of professionals in this field who’ll listen to you, and maybe a few of them will actually do something about it. We already know that students can come up with interesting, well thought out proposals, so here’s your chance.

So go, click submit. All you need right now is a one-paragraph proposal of what your talk will be about. Just do it.

Logistics – what, how, when

The last date for submission is 10th Jan, so please head over the the CFP and submit your entry using the form at the end of that page.

Topics of interest include new and groundbreaking technologies and emerging trends, successful practices and real world learnings.

Topics appropriate for submission to this conference include but are not restricted to the below, stated in no particular order –

  1. Automation Testing
  2. Performance Engineering
  3. Component Testing
  4. Agile Testing
  5. Embedded Systems Testing
  6. Product vs. Application Testing
  7. Games Testing
  8. Security Testing
  9. ATM Testing
  10. Emerging tools and technologies
  11. Reliability Testing
  12. Testing Middleware Applications
  13. SOA Testing
  14. Database Testing
  15. Protocol Testing
  16. Compliance Testing
  17. Software Usability Testing


  • Please note that submissions aimed at promoting specific organizations or products will not be accepted.
  • All sessions will be between 50-90 minutes.
  • The audience consists mostly of senior testers and test leads. Before submission consider how your submission can provide best value to this target segment.
  • Submissions will be accepted only on the website and not over email.
  • All submissions must include two session abstracts.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible in the session abstract, including the target audience.
  • The decision of the conference team as regards sessions, durations, timings, speaker benefits and all related aspects will be final and binding.

Speaker Benefits

  • Complimentary Full Conference Pass
  • We will arrange for your hotel stay and cover the room tariff. Please note that hotel incidentals will not be covered.
  • Speaking at an IndicThreads event gets you recognition as a subject expert.

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline – 10th Jan 2010
  • Selection Mails – 31st Jan 2010
  • Conference Dates – 5 and 6 March, 2010

More details

For more details, see the conference website