IndicThreads conference on Software Quality – Call for Presentation Proposals

IndicThreads has put out a call for submissions from potential presenters for their first conference on Software Quality, to be held in Pune on 5th and 6th March. If you’ve done any work in tools, processes, programs for testing, you should submit an abstract of your proposed talk.

Why Bother?

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  • IndicThreads runs good conferences. See Dhananjay Nene’s report on the Java conference that IndicThreads had in Pune last month.
  • If you’re accepted as a speaker, you get a free pass to the conference.And free hotel stay if you’re from out of town. (All those reading PuneTech from outside Pune, please raise your hands.)
  • Become famous: being a speaker at a national conference is good for visibility, and all engineers should strive for visibility. It’s very important. Almost as important as being a good programmer. (Maybe more?)
  • Help out a good Pune initiative. More submissions will improve the quality of the conference, and having a high quality conference in Pune improves the overall stature of Pune as an emerging IT powerhouse.

Why You?

I’m willing to bet that many people reading this will think – but I am not an expert. Not true. If you’ve spend a couple of years working on some specific aspect of testing, chances are that you’ve acquired expertise that you can present and help improve the understanding of others. You don’t have to have done ground-breaking research. Have you adopted a new tool that came out recently? Talk about it, because others will not have experience with its use. Have you used an old tool in a new way? Definitely submit a proposal. The others in this field would love to hear of this new wine in an old bottle. Have you figured out some new process for making your quality assurance team more productive, or less buggy? (Hey, you of all people should know that we can do testing/QA/debugging on people too, right!?)

Just because you think you are not the Einstein of Quality, does not mean that you should not submit a proposal. If there is something interesting that you’ve spent your time on in the last year or two, and if you think that 5 other people doing a job exactly like yours would benefit from what you learned – then you should (no, actually, you must) submit a proposal.

And, since recently PuneTech has been thinking about how to involve students in industry, here another idea. If you’re a student and you have ideas on how the Software Quality industry can get students more interested in this field, here is your chance to make your idea to a large roomful of professionals in this field who’ll listen to you, and maybe a few of them will actually do something about it. We already know that students can come up with interesting, well thought out proposals, so here’s your chance.

So go, click submit. All you need right now is a one-paragraph proposal of what your talk will be about. Just do it.

Logistics – what, how, when

The last date for submission is 10th Jan, so please head over the the CFP and submit your entry using the form at the end of that page.

Topics of interest include new and groundbreaking technologies and emerging trends, successful practices and real world learnings.

Topics appropriate for submission to this conference include but are not restricted to the below, stated in no particular order –

  1. Automation Testing
  2. Performance Engineering
  3. Component Testing
  4. Agile Testing
  5. Embedded Systems Testing
  6. Product vs. Application Testing
  7. Games Testing
  8. Security Testing
  9. ATM Testing
  10. Emerging tools and technologies
  11. Reliability Testing
  12. Testing Middleware Applications
  13. SOA Testing
  14. Database Testing
  15. Protocol Testing
  16. Compliance Testing
  17. Software Usability Testing


  • Please note that submissions aimed at promoting specific organizations or products will not be accepted.
  • All sessions will be between 50-90 minutes.
  • The audience consists mostly of senior testers and test leads. Before submission consider how your submission can provide best value to this target segment.
  • Submissions will be accepted only on the website and not over email.
  • All submissions must include two session abstracts.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible in the session abstract, including the target audience.
  • The decision of the conference team as regards sessions, durations, timings, speaker benefits and all related aspects will be final and binding.

Speaker Benefits

  • Complimentary Full Conference Pass
  • We will arrange for your hotel stay and cover the room tariff. Please note that hotel incidentals will not be covered.
  • Speaking at an IndicThreads event gets you recognition as a subject expert.

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline – 10th Jan 2010
  • Selection Mails – 31st Jan 2010
  • Conference Dates – 5 and 6 March, 2010

More details

For more details, see the conference website

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