My full-time job is as a co-founder and CTO at, a startup focused on helping companies filter job candidates based on the evaluation of actual job-related skills. In addition, I am a visiting professor of practice at TrustLab, Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT-Bombay; an advisor for Innoviti (a Fintech company in the payments processing space), the Advisory Committee of NIDHI-EIR-PEP and NIDHI-PRAYAS-PC (Govt. of India initiatives in the innovation/incubation space). I am also an instructor at GenWise teaching high school students courses on diverse topics, including AI, GenAI, cryptography, game theory, blockchain technologies, critical thinking, and more. I am also a wannabe YouTuber at TheFutureIQ.

In the past I’ve worked for large companies, and small; I’ve worked in India and in the US; I’ve seen a successful exit, and I’ve seen a dotcom failure; I’ve done product development, and I’ve done research; I’ve written consumer software, and I’ve written enterprise software; and I’ve been a developer, I’ve been an architect, and I’ve been a manager (but hated it).

I did my PhD with David DeWitt in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin in 1999, and a B.Tech. in Computer Sciences from IIT-Bombay before that. I am an inventor on 18 US Patents, 2 European Patents, and 1 Japanese Patent, filed as part of my work for 3 different companies. I’m interested in several areas of computer science, including highly scalable systems; distributed and fault-tolerant software systems; text search, information retrieval, and analysis of unstructured information.

See my resume (HTML, PDF), or my linked-in profile for further details.

For social networking I use: Twitter @ngkabra, Facebook, linked-in (professional contacts). I used to be on Quora (but not active any longer).

Check out these other websites that I am associated with: – technology in Pune (twitter: @punetech), – a simple technique to save children from sexual abuse, my archive of Hindi Song Lyrics (no MP3s, just lyrics!), Meeta’s Hindi Movie Reviews, and my two substacks: FutureIQ and AI IQ.

You can write to me at:

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  1. I am an engineering student preparing for exam
    Intellectual property rights .. and have written notes from ur post and i understood it better in your post than in wikipedia..Although you dont cover my total syllabus… it was helpfull

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