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Barcamp Pune is Back: 27 Sept #BCP8

What is a BarCamp

A BarCamp is an unconference. Basically, it is a crowd-sourced conference; which means that the date, time and theme of the conference are announced but the actual talks and speakers are not decided until the day of the conference itself. On the morning of the conference, a whiteboard is put up with the rooms and speaking slots, and anyone who feels like talking on any topic (that is in line with the theme of the conference) can add their topic and name to any of the open slots.

And then people are encouraged to go to any talk they find interesting, and use the “Law of Two Feet” – i.e. if a talk is not interesting, walk out, and go to the next talk, or start your own informal talk in the corridors.

What this really does is that you get a much more dynamic and diverse conference. The speakers and topics are not the same old ghisa-pita stuff – You discover new topics and new speakers and make new friends. You find enthusiastic and genuinely interested people – not corporate types who attend because their company requires them to attend.

More about Barcamp Pune

BarCamp is happening in Pune after a gap of about 6 years and we are expecting that this time around BarCamp Pune 8 will be more focused on early-stage web and mobile apps. However, the BarCamp is open for a variety of other topics, including healthcare, education, banking, real estate, Social Media, lifestyle, Auto, Aeroplanes, environment, Police, Anti-terrorism, Songs, Movies, Books, etc. Practically anything and everything under the sun (and even beyond) can be discussed in BarCamp.

What Should you expect?

Apart from networking and meeting people from various walks of life in different sectors, a BarCamp is probably the only place where ideas evolve during the course of the event. Nothing is planned in a BarCamp – Every participant has right to talk on the subject they love (and think that others may also like). While this format can be chaotic sometimes, it also opens doors to something you may never have known or been exposed to in an event.

And yes, BMC Software, the place where we are hosting the event have sponsored us with Free Lunch and beverages.

BCP8 Details

  • Where: BMC Software, Wing 1, Tower ‘B’, Business Bay, Airport Road, Yerwada, Pune
  • When: 27th Sep 2014 (Saturday) 10:00 to 5:00pm
  • *Map:

Venue Instructions

BMC Software office is based in a large complex and the participants of the event need to follow certain rules and regulations. Please read below carefully.

  • While arriving from Yerwada, the venue is on your right and if you are coming from Airport it is on your left.
  • When you reach the building, use gate #3 to go to Parking level 2.
  • 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers must enter through Gate #3
  • Pedestrians can enter through Gate#3 or Gate #4
  • Tell the security you are going to “Barcamp at BMC software”

Keep in Mind

  • Being an IT company, registration is important
  • To facilitate that, online registration for the event is a MUST
  • Due to security reasons, you’ll be asked to provide laptop serial number etc. at reception. Do not carry if not necessary
  • If you want to talk on something and need presentation, do carry your own laptop.
  • Internet connections will NOT be provided by the organizers or venue sponsor. Make your own arrangements or talk to volunteers in advance
  • Event will be on 4th floor & lunch will be served on 5th floor
  • Entry will not be allowed on any other floor apart from 4th & 5th

Fees and Registration

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. However Please register here:

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Please get in touch with for details.

CMG Pune Meet: Scalable Data Streaming; Mobile Tracking & Analytics; Benchmarking OpenStack – 12 Sept

CMG India, a professionals’ forum for measurement and quantitative analysis in IT enterprises, invites performance engineering and capacity management professionals to their fourth half-day event in Pune, on September 12th, 2014, 2:30pm, BMC Software (near Pune Golf Course). This event is free for anyone to attend. See here for details on how to register.



  • 2:15pm: Event kick off
  • 2:30pm: Reliable and Scalable Data Streaming in Multi-Hop Architecture, Sudhir Sangra, BMC
  • 3:15pm: Optimization for Large Scale Wi-Fi Mobile Device Tracking & Analytics System, Santosh Kangane, Persistent
  • 4:00pm: Break
  • 4:15pm: Rally – Performance benchmarking of openstack – private cloud, Deepak Mane, TCS
  • 5:00pm: Windup

Reliable and Scalable Data Streaming in Multi-Hop Architecture – Sudhir Sangra

The changes in technologies, customer requirements, and visualization and consumption of data demands has led multiple point products to integrate and evolve into a solution. The value of the solution is in the seamless flow of information through multiple product layers and consuming this information in real time. Many times, if the “time to consume” the data to build information is not within the agreed service levels, the data loses its value. Thus, timeliness and reliability are the two most important aspects of multi-layered application integration.

In the IT Management domain, the data collection and the system analytics engines need to go hand-in-hand. The data collectors should feed the analytics serves in real-time, to enable it to build intelligent analysis and to do various sorts of data modelling to help IT Managers have the holistic view of the underlying system resources and let them perform a root cause analysis of any problem proactively. The more granular, and consistent data, the more accurate will be the analytics and capacity estimates.

Sudhir Sangra is the Product Development Architect at BMC, leading data centre performance and availability solution suite.  One of the focus area in recent time is fault tolerant, Load balance, real time data management.

Optimization for Large Scale Wi-Fi Mobile Device Tracking & Analytics System – Santosh Kangane

Mobile Device Tracking System handles the movement of 70K+ mobile devices in WiFI network and present valuable insides like, Most famous paths, crowded places on flowers, patterns of device movement in Wi-Fi network, device count on different flowers and Zones.

The case study present optimization around handling heavy write operation and performing analytics on Oracle database. It demonstrate the effective use of Oracle performance monitoring tools like OEM, AWR & ADDM report. How to draw conclusions from reports and co-relate that with Oracle internal functioning to gain maximum benefit.

Rally – Performance benchmarking of openstack – private cloud – Deepak Mane

OpenStack is open-source software which is used for building public or private clouds. Competitors include VMware, vCloud and Amazon Web Services (News – Alert), so steps need to be taken to make OpenStack as popular as possible in the competitive marketplace.

OpenStack has become increasingly important to enterprises of all sizes as its reach extends beyond Web 2.0/SaaS companies, such as Workday, Webex and PayPal. OpenStack is now a major element of both enterprise cloud computing and broader cloud initiatives.

Customers also need to know how well OpenStack performs, but OpenStack is complex with many subsystems and components, which makes it hard for customers or potential customers to predict how “different implementation decisions and changes proposed to OpenStack affect the whole system’s behavior and performance,” according to a statement from Mirantis. On top of this, there are many alternative cloud configurations where OpenStack can be installed and used. Benchmarking becomes very difficult because it’s hard to get results from just parts of OpenStack. What was needed is a way to find benchmarking on the entire OpenStack system, with a predefined cloud configuration, the company explained. The benchmarking tool would also need to come up with complex and reproducible scenarios on actual OpenStack deployments.

In other words, customers basically need to monitor how well of a job OpenStack is doing. So IBM, SoftLayer (News – Alert) (part of IBM) and Mirantis have developed Rally. It’s a benchmarking tool that reports on OpenStack performance.

In this session, we describe the details behind the process, talk about the Rally – Performance benchmarking tool , performance assessment strategies we used. We’ll also share our findings on key scalability and performance bottlenecks, validations approaches, and suggest solutions.Performance benchmarking of Openstack component – nova.

About CMG Pune

Computer Measurement Group is a not-for-profit, worldwide organisation of IT professionals committed to sharing information and best practices focused on ensuring the efficiency and scalability of IT service delivery to the enterprise through measurement, quantitative analysis, and forecasting. CMG Inc, which is headquartered in New Jersey, USA was setup in 1975 and it now has more than 25 US and International Chapters.

CMG India has been recently setup with the objective of networking performance engineering and capacity management professionals across India. Large IT systems across India need to process millions of transactions per day and CMG India will allow for the experts to share their experiences and learn from one another. The facilitation will be done through regional events across major cities, an annual conference, and posting technical articles on this site.

See the CMG India website for more information.

Fees and Registration

Seating capacity is limited. Event participation is only for CMG India members – but you can sign up for a free membership here: Members can register for this event here:

Event Website:

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