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CMG Pune Meet: Scalable Data Streaming; Mobile Tracking & Analytics; Benchmarking OpenStack – 12 Sept

CMG India, a professionals’ forum for measurement and quantitative analysis in IT enterprises, invites performance engineering and capacity management professionals to their fourth half-day event in Pune, on September 12th, 2014, 2:30pm, BMC Software (near Pune Golf Course). This event is free for anyone to attend. See here for details on how to register. Agenda […]

CMG Pune half-day conference on Performance, Capacity, Instrumentation, Measurement

CMG India, a professionals’ forum for measurement and quantitative analysis in IT enterprises, invites performance engineering and capacity management professionals to their second half-day event in Pune, on Friday, 20th December, 2:30pm, at TCS, Nagar Road. This event is free for anyone to attend. See CMGIndia website for details on how to register. After a […]

Interview with Mukul Kumar, Co-founder & VP at Pubmatic

Yesterday, Pubmatic.com announced that it had raised $7.5 million in funding from Helion Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Nexus Venture Partners. This is the third round of funding, and in all they have raised $18 million. Pubmatic, whose development team is entirely in Pune, is an Ad Optimization Platform that helps websites increase their […]

optimization: a technical overview

This article is a technical overview of optimization algorithms, as they apply to real life problems, by Dr. Narayan Venkatasubramanyan, a guru in the field. This is the fourth of a series of articles on the use of optimization in real life scenarios, and gives a quick overview of the different major approaches, and how to choose the right approach.

Optimization and Organizational Readiness for Change

Before implementing an optimization project, it is very important to ensure that the organization in which the change is implemented is receptive to the change. In the third article of PuneTech’s series on optimization, Dr. Narayan Venkatasubramanyan takes us through the steps needed to ensure that an organization, like the receiver of an organ donation, is ready to accept the change.

Architecture of a decision-support system

Application of optimization in real life situations is often defeated by “real-life” issues that have nothing to do with the optimization algorithm, and more to do with how well (or how badly) the model being optimized fits reality. This is the second in the series of articles on optimization by “real life optimization guru” Dr. Narayan Venkatasubramanian. In the first article, he presented a case study and this article analyzes how a layered architecture to tackling this problem would have surfaced the problems much earlier and many of the surprises that caused them to swing wildly between jubilation and depression would have been avoided.

Optimization: A case study

An overview of the dark art of optimization by Dr. Narayan Venkatasubramanyan, an optimization guru, and one of the original pioneers of applying optimization to Supply Chain Management. Intended for a technically savvy audience who might not be aware of the application of optimization in real world situations.

PubMatic Launches Default Optimization Service to Recapture $1 Billion in Lost Advertising Revenue

A large number of websites rely on advertising as their primary source of income. Typically the ads are served by third party ad networks (for example Google’s adsense). When an ad network is unable to find an appropriate ad for a specific page being served to a specific reader, they put in default or public […]

PubMatic releases AdPrice Index: Sensex for Online Ads

Pune based online advertising optimization startup PubMatic has announced the availability of the PubMatic AdPrice Index – essentially a sort of an Sensex (or S&P 500 Index) for the online advertising world. The AdPrice Index essentially reports on the average online advertising revenues earned by 3000 web publishers worldwide who are PubMatic’s customers. And it […]

Pubmatic and Komli to power all eBay.in ads

eBay India), today announced an exclusive advertising relationship with Indian ad network Komli Media. Komli is now the exclusive seller of all of eBay India’s banner advertising inventory up to end March 2009. In addition, eBay India will also use Komli’s Pubmatic ad optimization service to improve ad revenues. Pubmatic can estimate the revenues that […]