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Pubmatic and Komli to power all eBay.in ads

eBay India), today announced an exclusive advertising relationship with Indian ad network Komli Media. Komli is now the exclusive seller of all of eBay India’s banner advertising inventory up to end March 2009.

In addition, eBay India will also use Komli’s Pubmatic ad optimization service to improve ad revenues. Pubmatic can estimate the revenues that a website can earn from any particular ad, and thus improve revenues by comparing ads from different ad networks (e.g. Google Adsense, Yaho! Publisher Network, or even Komli itself) and then only showing those ads that are likely to generate the most revenue. This service (which is available free of cost to any web publisher) will now get used on eBay India’s pages.

The Pubmatic service is developed in Komli’s engineering center in Pune.

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