2 Security Conferences Call for Papers: ClubHack (with Bruce Schneier!) & nullcon (Goa!)

The call for papers for two interesting security conferences has just been announced, and as usual, PuneTech is trying to encourage its readers to make submissions to the conferences. As indicated in an earlier post, PuneTech does not promote paid conferences, but we’re happy to promote the call for speakers for these conferences, because, for selected speakers, the conferences is free :-).

Bruce Schneier at CFP 2007: Open panel on Net ...
World famous security researcher Bruce Schneier is expected in Pune for ClubHack2010 in December. Image via Wikipedia

The first of these conferences is ClubHack 2010, which will be in December 2010, and will feature world famous security expert Bruce Schneier, and the second one is the nullcon dwitiya which is actually in Goa (but is featured in PuneTech because null started in Pune, and is still a largely Pune-driven group).

ClubHack 2010

ClubHack2010 is expecting a deep knowledge technical presentations/demonstrations on topics from the world of Information Security. These presentations are expected to be of 40 minutes each. The schedule time for each presenter would be 50 minutes out of which 40 minutes are for the presentation & 10 for the question-answer sessions.

Indicative list of Topics for ClubHack2010

The following list of topics is made keeping in mind the most interesting topics in hacking & security. This is more of an indicative list, the papers submission can be on other topics also but have to be close to this & the theme of the event.

  • Protocol / Application based vulnerability in networks and computers
  • Firewall Evasion techniques
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Data Recovery and Incident Response
  • Mobile Security (cellular technologies)
  • WLAN and Bluetooth Security
  • Analysis of malicious code
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Cyber warfare
  • Open source hacking toolkit
  • Cyber Crime & law
  • Hardware mods

Important dates for ClubHack2010

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  • Abstract Submission: 30th October 2010
  • Announcement of selected papers: 5th November 2010
  • Full Paper Submission: 15th November 2010

Speaker Benefits for ClubHack2010

  • Economic Return Ticket รข from your nearest international airport to Pune
  • Accommodation (upto 4 days)
  • Local Tourism package (in Sahyadri Ranges, Western Ghat)
  • One extra ticket for the event
  • No other expenses as ClubHack is a not-for-profit group & finding sponsors in India is tough ๐Ÿ™‚

More details for ClubHack2010

See the ClubHack2010 call for papers for more details

nullcon dwitiya

Click on the NULL logo to see all PuneTech articles about NULL
Click on the NULL logo to see all PuneTech articles about NULL

null is a security community that started in Pune, and is now very active in a number of cities in India, including Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal, etc. They have monthly meets and regular security awareness camps in various Institutions and Organizations, and they also hold an security conference in Goa every year. null describes itself as

We are a bunch of security phreaks who like to share our technical expertise and hacking skills with each other and spread awareness among the common people about the good, the bad and the ugly side of computers and technology. We believe that sharing the right technical knowledge leads to expertise and innovation and that is what we strive to do in our meets and events.

nullcon dwitiya is the second annual null conference, and will be in Goa in Feb 2011. They are soliciting research done by the community as paper submissions for nullcon. Submissions are expected in 4 tracks:

  • Bakkar: 1 Hr Talks
  • Tez: 5-30 min Talks
  • Karyashala: 2-4 Hrs Workshop
  • Desi Jugaad (Local Hack): 1 Hr

Submission Topics for nullcon dwitiya

For “Desi Jugaad” (Local Hack) nullcon is looking for submissions of any kind of local hacks that you have worked on (hints: electronic/mechanical meters, automobile hacking, hardware, mobile phones, lock-picking, bypassing procedures and processes, etc, Be creative :-D)

For the more traditional papers, the indicative domains are:

  • Hardware (ex: RFID, Magnetic Strips, Card Readers, Mobile Devices, Electronic Devices)
  • Tools (non-commercial)
  • Programming/Software Development
  • Networks
  • Information Warfare
  • Botnets, Malware
  • Web
  • New attack vectors
  • Mobile, VOIP and Telecom
  • VM
  • Cloud
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Satellite
  • Wireless
  • Forensics

Important dates for nullcon dwitiya

  • CFP End Date: 30th November 2010
  • Speakers List Online: 10th December 2010
  • Conference Dates: 25th รข 26th February 2011

Speaker Benefits for nullcon dwitiya

Speaker benefits are available for selected speakers in the “Bakkar”, “Desi Jugaad” and “Karyashala” tracks:

  • Free Accommodation for 3 nights
  • Travel (One way or Return depending on the Sponsorships ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • Free access to the conference.
  • Invitation to Mehfil-E-Mausiqi (null party)

More details for nullcon dwitiya

See the nullcon dwitiya call for papers for more details.

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