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Call for Speakers: IndicThreads Conference on Mobile App Development – 2011

Regular readers of PuneTech will know that we believe IndicThreads conducts the best vendor-neutral tech conferences in Pune, and hence we’re usually glad to promote the CFP for their conferences. Currently, the CFP for their Mobile Applications Development Conference (to be held in Pune on 19, 20 August 2011) is open and we would like to encourage our readers to submit proposals.

Since IndicThreads is a paid conference, PuneTech does not promote the conference itself on the PuneTech home page, but we’re happy to promote the call-for-speakers, since that is free, and it allows the selected speakers to attend the conference without having to pay. There are of course other benefits to being a speaker at one of these conferences – including increasing your visibility, becoming known as a domain expert, etc.

This CFP is soliciting speakers in the areas of mobile applications, mobile application platforms, frameworks, tools, testing, performance, security and in general anything interesting related to mobile applications.

The last date for submitting the proposal is 15th June, and right now, you only have to submit a short abstract of what you will be speaking about. So, it is as easy as just clicking here and writing one paragraph about whatever work you’ve been doing in the area of mobile app development recently. Just do it.

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2 thoughts on “Call for Speakers: IndicThreads Conference on Mobile App Development – 2011”

  1. swapnil adsure says:

    I am excited to join this conference …let me ask you that can i select Device testing topic for presentation?

  2. Harshad Oak says:

    Hi Swapnil,

    Thanks a lot for your interest in the conference.

    The conference is primarily about building software – applications for mobile devices. So if you are talking of testing software on devices, yes that is definitely relevant to the conference.

    If you are thinking of testing the hardware / the device itself, then the conference might not be the ideal forum for such a session.

    Please do have a look at http://M10.IndicThreads.com/ for details on last year’s conference and to get a better feel for the event.

    I look forward to your submission.

    Harshad Oak
    Founder, IndicThreads

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