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Call for Speakers: JSFoo JavaScript Conference Pune

HasGeek, the folks who brought us high quality tech conferences like DocType Html5 and DroidCon, are organizing [JSFoo] a JavaScript conference in Pune on 21st January. Considering that JavaScript is one of the most important programming languages in the world today, anyone who is interested in technology should consider attending this conference, and if you have done some work in JavaScript, they you should definitely speak at the conference.

More details below.

About JSFoo

JSFoo is a one day conference on building full size apps in JavaScript. Come over for a full day with the smartest geeks from across India who have figured it out and will show you how. We have sessions covering the range from pure JavaScript apps in Node.js to real-time streaming of data to building entirely in the client side with Backbone.js.

This is an event for serious JavaScript programmers who want to learn from their peers.

The JSFoo conference series began with a Bangalore edition on October 1, 2011, followed by [Pune][http://jsfoo.in/pune2012/] and Chennai (upcoming).

Call for Speakers

Why be a speaker at a conference. First, you get a free ticket. Second, you instantly establish yourself as a expert in your area. Finally, this is a great way to meet the most interesting people working in this area. All you need to do is talk about some experience you’ve had with building JavaScript apps, or a tool, or a platform. The talk is expected to be 30 minutes, with additional 10 minutes for Q&A. At this point, all you need to do is submit the title of your talk at the JSFoo Speaker Submission Page

Schedule and Tickets

JSFoo is a paid conference. Regular tickets cost Rs. 800 and you can register here.

To get an idea of the talks and speakers lined up see this page. Note, this is still a partial list and more will get added based on further speaker submissions.

Other Details

The event is on 21st January, all day, at 7th floor, SICSR, (Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, near Om Market, Model Colony). Register here

There is also a JavaScript Hacknight on 14th January (one week before the actual conference) which gives 30 of the attendees a chance to spend an entire night hacking on interesting JavaScript projects. See hacknight videos from JSFoo Bangalore to get an idea of what a hacknight is. Hacknight is open to all registered participants of JSFoo Pune, but requires separate registration because the venue (Office of http://amiworks.co.in) has limited space.

JSFoo: http://jsfoo.in/

JSFoo/HasGeek’s JavaScript HackNight Pune – Jan 14

No matter what programming language and platform you work on today, it is almost certain that at least one of the user interfaces to your software product/service is written using JavaScript. JavaScript is easily the language that is available on far, far more computing devices in the world than any other language, considering it is present by default on all desktop browsers and most mobile phone browsers. Thus, if your in the software space, is no alternative but to accept JavaScript – it is the default.

A JavaScript hack night – i.e. a night of hacking on JavaScript with 30 others from Pune and elsewhere in India has been organized on Saturday, 14th January, at AmiWorks office (SB Road, Pune), in conjunction with the [JSFoo] JavaScript in conference which will also be held in Pune a week later. (To clarify, the JavaScript Hacknight is on 14th Jan, night, and the [JSFoo] conference is on 21st January, daytime.)

The hacknight is open for any registered participant of the [JSFoo] conference, but since space is limited at the venue, you will need to register separately for it. All you need to do is get your laptop, and get ready for lots of JavaScript programming, learning, and discussions. To get an idea of what a JSFoo hacknight is like, check out these videos from JSFoo Hacknight Bangalore.