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Call for Speakers: GNUnify 2013 – 3-day open-source technologies conference

The call for speakers for GNUnify 2013, one of India’s biggest open source conferences, which runs for 3 days in February (15, 16, 17 Feb) in SICSR, Pune, is now open.

If you have done any work with any open source technology, whether it is in the area of System Admin, Networking, Security, Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, Cloud Computing, Scientific Computing, System Programming, or any General Topics or Trends in FOSS, please submit a proposal for a talk.

Lots of people from all over India, and also some from abroad, come for this conference. This is your chance to connect with people passionate about technologies, and enthusiastic students.

You can put in a proposal for a techie talk (short), a workshop (long – and more geared towards beginners), or a BOF (Birds of a Feather – where you just decide the topic and drive the discussion, and all the people interested in that topic collect together and discuss).

You don’t need to be an expert in the topic you propose for a talk. You just need to have done work in that area, and have actual hands on experience – that is good enough. At this point, you just need to submit a one paragraph abstract – so you have no excuse for not submitting a talk.

To submit a proposal go to the GNUnify website, create an account either using OpenID or username/password, and once you log into your account you should see a “Register a Talk/Workshop” button on the right side of the screen.