PuneTech editorial policy – biased, and proud of it!

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On a recent article, an anonymous commenter castigated us thus:

This posts comes across as a promotion of a person more than his views/contributions or even his blog. Please be objective in future such promotions (a disclaimer, e.g. he is not paying or otherwise doing any favors to PuneTech to promote him, would also help). Peace.

While responding to that comment, we felt that now would be a good time to let PuneTech readers know what are the editorial guidelines PuneTech uses in determining what goes up on the front page, and the tone we use. We encourage you to read the detailed guidelines, and give us your feedback, but the quick drift of the guidelines is this:

  • PuneTech is a completely non-commercial site. Nobody makes any money from this site. No favours of any kind are accepted in return for any content posted on the site.
  • The PuneTech front page has never been, and never will be objective. We select what information appears on the front page, and we give our own opinion along with it. We feel that this makes the site (more) useful.
  • We encourage opposing points of view in the comments – those too make the site more useful.
  • User comments are governed by a separate comments policy.
  • The PuneTech wiki, and the PuneTech calendar are not governed by these guidelines. Anybody is free to post anything there, as long as it is relevant to Pune and to technology.

The basic idea is that we strive hard to be free of vested insterests, but we are not objective. We are not fair and balanced. In fact, we are quite unbalanced! We are opinionated, and make those opinions known.

We do believe a little bit in the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” philosophy. If we don’t like a particular company, or person, or technology, we simply don’t feature it on PuneTech. Unfortunately though, there are lots of companies, people, groups and technologies that we like quite a lot, but haven’t yet put up on PuneTech, simply because we lack the time to do so.

That’s where you can come in. Please help PuneTech and the tech community in Pune by writing articles about interesting technology in Pune. You can write the article for PuneTech, or you can write it for your own blog and let us know, so we can publish it on PuneTech. If you publish a long, detailed article about the technology domain that your company is working in, that is of wider interest to PuneTech readers, we’ll even allow you to put in a pitch for your own company (and the kind of people you’re looking to hire) at the end of your article. That much cheating is allowed, as is explicitly mentioned in the editorial guidelines.

If you have any comments, suggestions or any other feedback for us, please let us know in the comments below.