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Contest: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

(Update: Check out all the great advice in the comments section) Getting the right kind of mentorship is a very important factor in the success of most successful people. Yet, unfortunately, we often see youngsters not getting the right kind of advice, either because they’re too shy to approach potential mentors, or don’t know whom […]

What IT Services Project Managers can learn from Greek Mythology

(This article is a guest post by Rohit Gore, a Pune-based senior IT professional and novelist.) “When you are a King, your options are very limited. But you have to do the best you can with them.” Odysseus, the great Greek King said to one of the greatest warriors of history, Achilles. It is a […]

Break ke Baad: Tips for Moms re-entering the IT-workforce after a break

Advice for moms looking for a job in the IT industry after a pregnancy/children related break – with emphasis on jobs in smaller companies.

“Don’t develop any software until you have a customer” – Interview of serial entrepreneur Anand Soman

As a part of the new, experimental PuneTech video series, we interviewed Anand Soman, CEO of Pune-based startup Infinishare, and serial entrepreneur. Infinishare provides software for a host of internet enabled devices, including digital photoframe devices, digital displays, home internet devices. They provide a full software stack for such devices, but their core IP is […]

Governance for Startups

Image via Wikipedia Yogesh Pathak, an advisor for many startups, argues that it is very important for startup founders to clearly lay out the ethical rules that the startup is going to play by. He points out the various issues on which the founders need to make their stand clear to all concerned stakeholders. Governance […]

Nickhil Jakatdar’s advice for entrepreneurs

Last Saturday, the Pune OpenCoffee Club invited 4-time entrepreneur Nickhil Jakatdar to give advice to Pune’s entrepreneurs on the DOs and DONTs for startups. Shashikant Kore, co-founder of Pune-based startup bandhan.com has written up this report of the meeting Chetan Pungalia, co-founder of Kaboodle, introduced Nickhil Jakatdar. The one line introduction was “A guy who […]

The 10 industry trends programmers need to understand -Anand Deshpande

Anand Deshpande, CEO of Persistent, gave this keynote address last week during the IndicThreads conference on Java technologies. I’ve already included this in my overall report on the IndicThreads Conference, but thought that it was interesting enough and important enough to warrant a post on its own. The basic thrust of his talk was that […]

Advice for entrepreneurs – Gireendra Kasmalkar

Gireendra Kasmalkar (Giri), whose testing startup VeriSoft was recently acquired by SQS, was interviewed for CSI Pune’s quarterly newsletter Desktalk. Some quotes from that interview that should be especially inspirational are reproduced here with permission. You should be able to download the the newsletter (containing the full article) from CSI Pune website’s download section. (It’s the July-Aug-Sept 2008 newsletter.) […]