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11 Tech/Startup Events in Pune this weekend

If you’re not subscribed to the PuneTech Calendar, you might not have realized that this weekend is packed with tech and/or startup events in Pune – 11, in fact.

Unless otherwise specified, these events are free and open to anybody who’s interested in attending. A few are paid events, and this is clearly mentioned below.

Here’s a quick overview. To get more details about any event – including venue, time and registration information, go to PuneTech Calendar and click on the event link.

Friday, 23 August, evening

  • 6:30pm: TiE Pune Event – A New Model of Leadership

Saturday, 24 August

  • Pune’s Microsoft Technologies User Group – PUG has a 2 day DevCon that kicks off on Saturday morning and continues on until Sunday evening.
  • A 2 day free Clojure workshop by Baishampayan Ghose of Helpshift at BMC Software. Unfortunately, this workshop had limited seats and got full almost immediately after being announced. They are hoping to have more such workshops in the future. Make sure you’re subscribed to the PuneTech Calendar so you don’t miss the announcement.
  • RailsGirlsPune – a One Day Ruby-on-Rails workshop for Women
  • A Paid Sales and Marketing Beginners Workshop for Entrepreneurs
  • Part 2 of a Workshop on Big Data with Hadoop
  • A Paid Hands-On workshop on the GIT distributed version control system
  • Part 3 of A Hands-On Session for Amazon AWS Developers
  • SAP HANA get-together

Sunday, 25 August

  • A meetup of everybody interested in the Corona SDK (a leading mobile development framework)
  • Internet-of-things Meetup: Hands-on with Beagle Bone Black + Python + OpenCV

To get more details about any event – including venue, time and registration information, go to PuneTech Calendar and click on the event link.

About the PuneTech Calendar

If you got this update in your email or RSS feed, but you did not see any of the above events, that means that you’re subscribed to the PuneTech main blog, but you are not subscribed to the PuneTech events calendar. Since there are many tech events happening in Pune, we don’t put all the event announcements on the main blog. Hence, if you’re interested in attending events, you should subscribe to
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Don’t miss tech events: Subscribe to the PuneTech Calendar

You are probably missing many, many interesting technology events that are happening in Pune. (In spite of the fact that you’re subscribed to PuneTech – because you are not subscribed to the PuneTech calendar)

Every week, there are at least 5-7 technology events in Pune. And they are all listed in the PuneTech Calendar. However, because the number is so high, we don’t post all of them to the PuneTech main page.

The fact that you got this article, means that you are subscribed to the PuneTech main page. However, we only selected events are posted to the PuneTech main page. All others are posted to the PuneTech Calendar, which has a different feed/subscription of its own.

For example, you were probably aware of C. Mohan’s talk on the Global Technology Outlook, and you probably know about the Turing 100 Lecture on Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. However, you are probably not aware of the following events all happening in the next 4 days:

  • A talk on Big Data with Hadoop
  • A Visual Studio Tech Tour by the Pune Microsoft Technologies User Group
  • An MCCIA Pune National conference on Cyber Security, where policy makers and decision makers from the Indian Army, Police, and other relevant Government organizations have been called for interactions with the security/tech community in Pune.
  • In-Product Email Marketing by K. Shashi, founder of Bandhan.com
  • IPMA (Indian Product Manager’s Association) Pune’s Event: 5 Things Every Product Manager should know about Agile
  • 2-day Scrum Gathering India Regional Event for Agile Enthusiasts (Paid)

And a few more.

All you need to do is click here and sign up get email alerts whenever an event is added to the PuneTech Calendar, or if you’re one of the 10 remaining people in the world still using RSS, here is the RSS feed, or you can directly import the calendar.

Upcoming conferences and tech events in Pune – Nov/Dec 2008

IdeaCamp Pune (source: InsideSocialWeb.com)
Idea Camp Pune, 2008. Photo courtesy InsideSocialWeb.com

The next couple of months are going to rather active in Pune, with a host of really good conferences and events coming up. Some of these are free events, while others have a fee associated with them. We have written about some of them on PuneTech before, while some you’ll be hearing about for the first time. Some of them are for hardcore techies, while others are more tangential. In any case, there is something for everyone in here. Take this opportunity to improve your skills, or improve your business network.Except for power cuts, it is a great time to be a techie in Pune.

Nov 19 CSI Pune Lecture: Data Management for BI : Ashwin Deokar from SAS R&D Pune will talk about issues in data management in Business Intelligence. Free for members & students, Rs. 100 for others, Rs 50 for Persistent employees
Nov 22, 23 Code Camp: 24-hour code camp organized by Pune Linux Users Group. Free: anybody can attend.
Nov 22 Pune OpenCoffee Club Meeting – Pune Startup’s Pain Points : Get together with other startups in the Pune area and discuss solutions to common problems. Free, anybody can attend, no registration required.
Nov 25,26,27 IndicThreads Conference on Java Technologies: 3-day conference on Java; speakers from all over India. Fees range from Rs. 4000 to 8500 depending on various things.
Nov 27, 28 Conference on Advances in Usability Engineering: organized by Viswakarma Institute of Information Technology. Rs 3500 for professionals, Rs. 2000 for academics and Rs. 500 for students.
Nov 27, 28 Wi-Fi Security Training from AirTightNetworks: Airtight Networks has some of the best wi-fi security products in the world, and they have all been developed fully in Pune. Rs. 8000 before 21 Nov, Rs 10000 afterwards
Nov 27 World Usability Date, Pune 2008 (part of the Usability Conference: This event is a part of the Usability Engineering conference listed a couple of lines above; but this part of the conference (3pm to 6pm) is free and open to all.
Nov 29 Barcamp Pune 5: If you don’t know what a barcamp is read this to find out and figure out why you should attend.
Dec 4,5,6,7 Pune Design Festival 2008: Fees and registration details not yet available
Dec 06+ ClubHack – 2-day InfoTech Security Conference: One day of presentations on security, and one day of workshops. INR 1000 for talk sessions, INR 1000 for each workshop. On the spot registration INR 1500
Dec 12+ Society of Technical Communication – 2-day conference on technical writing: Fees and registration details not yet available
Dec 17 CSI Pune Lecture: Data Management for BI: next in the Business intelligence series by SAS R&S India. Fees most likely: Rs. 100 for others, Rs 50 for Persistent employees
Dec 20 OpenSocial Developer Garage: Conference for OpenSocial developers and enthusiasts. This is a free conference, but by invitation only – Register here to be considered for invitation.

And there are some great events in January too.

Did we miss any? Please add them to the common tech events calendar of Pune. Or, send us a mail with details of the event, and we’ll add it.