Open-source Code Camp last weekend – A report

The Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) had organized a code camp on Saturday, with the intention of getting a bunch of developers to get together and develop code, talk about code, answer each others’ coding questions on specific coding projects.

Aditya Godbole one of the PLUG members who attended, posted this overview of the event at the PLUG mailing list:

The following work was successfully done at the Code Camp –

  1. Abhijit Bhopatkar – Added some functionality to TeamGit. He was very excited about it and shot off a long mail to the list as soon as he finished it, so I’m not going to spend any more words on that. Refer to his earlier mail on the list.
  2. Guntapalli Karunakar – Started on something, but ended up spending most of the time in critical maintenance tasks of the Indlinux server!
  3. Ashish Bhujbal and Amit Karpe – Worked on an HCL prototype notebook. Tried to resolve some issues with the X display rotation and calibration of the touchscreen. Solved both issues. Were trying to finish solving a problem with hibernation before going into hibernation themselves.
  4. Aditya Godbole – Fixed 3 bugs in the lush-opencv package and added a utility function. One of the fix is already in the upstream cvs.

Of course, along with all this, we had a blast (which was the primary motive anyway).

Thanks to Manjusha for doing a bit of running around for organisation (in return for which we configured her ssh server 🙂 ). Thanks to Sudhanwa and Shantanoo for hanging around to give us company.

Abhijit Bhopatkar, whose work is mentioned in point #1 above, posted details of teamGit:

teamGit is a functional git gui written in qt, its ultimate aim is to add functionality
on top of git targeted at small closely nit teams.

After a succesfull codecamp session, I have tagged the repo with v0.0.8!!! You can now get the .deb from ubuntu intrepid ppa deb intrepid main
package name is teamgit.

The main project website is

There are many small changes and feature adds you can take a look at repo here:

The major feature add however is addition on **Advanced** menu.

This menu is constructed on the fly parsing output of ‘git help –all’ Then when you click on a menu item it issues git help , parses the manpage and presents its options in a guified form. It even display nice tooltips describing the option.

This is just a first stage of the planned feature. Ultimately this advanced menu will be just a ‘Admin’ feature. People will be able to save the selected options and parameters as ‘Receipies’ and can cook a nice receipes package particular to their needs/organisations.

The feature is not really complete yet, but you can issue simple commands using it. There _are_bugs_ but i couldn’t wait to showcase this nifty feature.

Check out the screenshot

Photos of the event have been posted on flickr (thanks G Karunakar).

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