Introducing PuneTech Video – your feedback needed

PuneTech logoWe are now experimenting with an additional format for PuneTech updates – short video clips hosted on YouTube.

Almost since the time PuneTech started, people have been suggesting to us that we should use video. Finally, something clicked last week, and we decided to take the plunge and start it on an experimental basis.

Our first few video posts are up here ( reactions) and here (Druvaa update). Admittedly the video quality is not great. The sound quality is also quite variable. The main issue is that we are basically trying to balance the quality of the video against the amount of effort required to produce each video. Right now, we are in favor of going with a minimally acceptable quality of video that we can produce with as little effort as possible. This ensures that we continue to produce videos regularly (as opposed to starting with a bang and then discontinuing it because it is too much work.)

So the question for you is this:

  • Is the current quality good enough? (Sound quality will probably improve a little bit over time as we get more experience. Picture quality is unlikely to improve.)
  • Are you able to stream/download it conveniently and watch it, or is it too painful?
  • More generally: Is this useful? (Please note: doing the video takes about 5 minutes, while writing an article with the same information will probably take us 1/2 hour. Which means that either you get all this info in video format, or you get 20% of this info as articles, and the remaining 80% is lost. So please answer yes for this question if you think you will watch at least 30% to 40% of the videos, and answer no, if you think you’ll probably not watch the videos at all.)
  • Any other suggestions are welcome

Please leave your responses as comments. Your responses will help us decide whether we should continue this, or use that time to work on some other aspect of PuneTech.

3 thoughts on “Introducing PuneTech Video – your feedback needed

  1. First of all – a big thumbs up for this initiative. Watblog has been doing this – but there is not enough “video” coverage of Pune startups/scene.

    On your questions:
    1. Quality: video quality is good. Audio could be better – especially on the interviewee side (e.g. on the Druvaa interview, Jaspreet was barely audible). Maybe a microphone would work better.

    2. Streaming: works well over my 400kbps reliance home connection.

    3. Useful: definitely yes. both for the community and a good rehearsal for the Pune interviewee’s.

    4. Suggestions: you could appraise the interviewee of the questions you are going to ask to give them some minutes to prepare what they are gonna say. Though, I am all for the “gotcha” questions 🙂

  2. Yep. I agree and a big thumbs up from my end too regarding going the video route. It is definitely much more interesting and very easy to consume so much information within a short time.

    The video quality is absolutely fine – but the audio could be improved like Unmesh mentioned.

    Also, I completely agree with Unmesh’s view regarding giving participants some heads up and time to think about the questions coming up. Doing so will make for a more fruitful interview and lesser editing later on.

    Anyways kudos to you and looking forward to more such content 🙂

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