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Suggest ways for Pune Techies to collaborate online and win a Google Wave invitation

Suggest new and interesting ways in which Pune’s techies can collaborate with each other and win a Google Wave invitation

Web Scalability and Performance – Real Life Lessons (Pune TechWeekend #3)

Last Saturday, we had TechWeekend #3 in Pune, on the theme of Website Scalability and Performance.  Mukul Kumar, co-founder, and VP of Engineering at Pubmatic, talked about the hard lessons in scalability they learnt on their way to building a web service that serves billions of ad impressions per month. Here are the slides used […]

TechWeekend #3: Website Performance, Scalability and Availability: Sept 5

What: TechWeekend featuring “Website Scalability and Performance” by Mukul Kumar, VP Engineering at Pubmatic, and “Website Availability and Recovering from Failures and Disasters” by Sameer Anja, Associate Director at KPMG When: Saturday, 5th Sept, 4pm Where: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, Model Colony. Map. Registration and Fees: This event is free […]

Editorial Policy

This note lays out the editorial policy for PuneTech.com, to help the community understand what goes up on the site, and why.

Introducing PuneTech Video – your feedback needed

We are now experimenting with an additional format for PuneTech updates – short video clips hosted on YouTube. Almost since the time PuneTech started, people have been suggesting to us that we should use video. Finally, something clicked last week, and we decided to take the plunge and start it on an experimental basis. Our […]

PuneTech Comment Policy

PuneTech is a for-the-community, by-the-community site, and comments by our readers play an important part of the content. However, to ensure that the discussion always stays healthy, constructive and safe, we occasionally have to delete some of the comments. This note lays out our comments policy to help the community understand what kinds of comments […]

PuneTech’s 11 most popular articles/pages of the year

The end of the year is time for resolutions, introspection and top-10 lists. We too got swept up in the wave, and here is our top-11 list of the most popular articles on PuneTech in the last year. PuneTech started on 6th March, 2008 and at that time, we were not sure of what directions […]