Narendra Karmarkar’s recent research

After working on the Interior Point Method, Karmarkar worked on a new architecture for supercomputing, based on concepts from projective geometry. Currently, he is synthesizing these concepts with some new ideas he calls sculpturing free space (a non-linear analogue of what has has popularly been described as folding the perfect corner). This approach allows him to extend this work to the physical design of machines. He is now publishing updates on his recent work on PuneTech.

Upcoming Presentations:

Narendra will be presenting new paradigm as follows:

16th July 2008: “Vacuum nanoelectronics devices from the perspective of optimization theory“, The 21st International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference in Wroc?aw, Poland, on July 13-17, 2008.

25th July 2008: “Seminar on Massively Parallel Systems and Global Optimization“, Computation Research in Boston, at  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

5 thoughts on “Narendra Karmarkar’s recent research

  1. I am interested to discuss with Dr. Karmakar perspectives of new topology of interconnections based on Perfect Difference Networks ( IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol.16, # 8, August 2005 ). Mikhail A. Rakov, D. Sci.,Professor, Menlo Park, CA, USA.

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