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Click on the logo to see all PuneTech articles about is in Pune today, and one of the ideas they are pushing this year, is live online coverage of the event. The idea is that while only 400 people can attend the event in person, many more should be able to follow the details online. With this in mind, this proto promises to the the most connected proto so far.

Here are the different ways in which you can follow proto online:

  • is proto’s live portal where you can follow all the proto activity. It aggregates all the live tweets about #protodotin. Bloggers can also submit their live-blogs and selected ones will be put up on this page. You can download information about the companies that are presenting, and you can leave feedback for the companies.
  • @PuneTechLive will be live-tweeting the event. Unfortunately, twitter search does not pick up punetechlive’s tweets, so the page and the twitter search pages will not show you these tweets. So you have to follow punetechlive in twitter (or go to and refresh periodically).
  • The hashtag for is “#protodotin”, so searching for that on twitter, or on technorati should give you the latest on what is going on.
  • On an experimental basis, PuneTech will be trying to videoblog. We will have short (1 or 2 minute) interviews with various interesting people throughout the data. Check PuneTech’s youtube page and refresh periodically.

Keep checking this page also, we’ll try to keep it updated with …umm… updates throughout the day.

PuneTech is also trying out live-video updates of Check out this video:

Highlights of Presentations

Here is what we feel were the best parts of proto so far:

  • Vardenchi motorcycles on stage. Awesome audience impact!
  • HyCa presenting a product based on very complicated chemical process in words that we understood.
  • EnglishSeekho demo – The product speaks for itself. No explanation needed
  • EnglishSeekho founder asking: we could be providing pesticide info to farmers, we could be providing information about contraception to rural girls, in a convenient and confidential setting, we could be providing life-changing, life-saving information at the right time, at the right price (maybe Rs. 5). Isn’t that better than spending time building websites that sell movie or airline tickets or books online?
  • TouchMagix demo of Magix 3D Sense. Someone on twitter pointed out – felt like TED for a moment!

Demo Tips for Startups

Based on what we saw at presentations, here are some tips for those who presenting their startup:

  • Read Jason Calcanis“How to demo your startup”. It’s a must read
  • Dress conservatively! You don’t want to draw attention to your dress. Definitely do NOT dress in a white suite and white-and-brown shoes.
  • If you have 30 minutes, then spending time on the educational and professional background of the team makes sense. If you have just 6 minutes, skip it. Go straight to your product.
  • You shouldn’t need to spend half your time motivating your product. Just show your product, and the audience should be able to see the motivation. Otherwise your product is not compelling enough (or you are pitching to the wrong audience)

Audience Reactions

These are reactions of Pune tech community regulars to the presentations:

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7 thoughts on “Attend from home – follow the live online coverage

  1. Is the current quality good enough? YES
    Are you able to stream/download it conveniently and watch it? YES
    Is this useful? For me, sometimes no. because I mostly read this over my smartphone where video is not always available. Also, not searchable. But

  2. I can see more and more videos coming up on PuneTech 🙂

    Also saw the PuneTech Angels one. Very nice 🙂
    This format of short 2 – 4 minute videos works very well.

    Navin going the Robert Scoble way?

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