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Footprint Venture entrepreneurs meeting – 3 July

Update: See the updated post on the latest details (including venue, and Google M&A’s participation).

Hemant Joshi, co-founder of nFactorial Software, writes:

Footprint Venture will be visiting Pune in next week, 3rd July. They are an early stage venture capital fund, based out of India. (http://footprintventures.com/index.htm ). I am trying to arrange their meeting with POCC members where they can informally interact with POCC member and talk for a few minutes on their prospective, what they look for, etc. The tentative plan is to have this meeting from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The venue is TBD. I will confirm the venue and meeting in a few days. If anyone can arrange for place, it will be great.

Footprint is an early stage venture capital fund, based out of India. They are targeting entrepreneurs seeking Series A investment.

The fund is the brainchild of Neill Brownstein, a co-founder of Bessemer Venture Partners. It aims to invest in companies with a strong India focus, i.e. companies with offerings that are either exclusively for India or for India & international markets.

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