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121 Tech unveils easyTXT signage solutions | Televisionpoint.com News

From  Televisionpoint.com:

121 Technologies has unveiled its Bluetooth/SMS enabled easyTXT smart signage solutions. easyTXT is a digitally enhanced media format for deployment at OOH locations such as retail spaces, airports, malls/multiplexes, exhibitions, events. The technology allows potential customers’ mobile phones to be registered in an intuitive manner to receive offers and notifications.


The technology is location specific. For instance, a pizza outlet in a food court in a mall can send out specific SMS’s about its meal deals. For this, the outlet has to install a light box with the easyTXT hardware unit mounted inside it. The unit has bright flashing LEDs that ensure maximum eyeballs see the signage.

Once near the signage, users need to turn on the Bluetooth feature on their mobile handsets, accept the incoming connection and enter the pairing code written on the signage to start receiving the offers/notifications from that brand. The pairing code ensures that only those people interested in receiving the offers get them.

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One thought on “121 Tech unveils easyTXT signage solutions | Televisionpoint.com News”

  1. Nate Nead says:

    Great article. Good news. It was only a matter of time before this happened.

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