Award winning PK Clean Technologies converts waste plastic to fuel in Pune

PK Clean Technologies, a US-based company, but whose 10000 sq.ft. pilot plant is in Pune, has just won the 3rd prize in a Business Plan Competition for environment-friendly technologies held at Rice University, Texas, USA. PK Clean has also 4 other prizes this year, including MIT’s Clean Energy Prize in 2011, and is in the running for 2 other prizes.

What does PK Clean do?

PK Clean is able to transform the most painful form of waste into the most useful type of energy.

Specifically, they can convert plastics (which get thrown in garbage) into oil. From their website:

Our vision is to turn landfilled plastics into a $7 billion annual oil market, from selling the renewable fuel we produce to refineries. PK Clean has 100% ownership over our patented catalytic depolymerization process, which is now operating in a 20 ton per day pilot facility, and our MIT team has expertise in renewable energy and oil.

PK Clean is a US-based company, but their first plant, a pilot-plant that processes 20 tons of waste plastic per day and converts it into 80 barrels of fuel has been built in Pune, says CNN

PK Clean is seeking a $4 million investment to deploy the technology in the U.S. PK Clean will need to endure a lengthy permitting process before breaking ground. Still, Bakaya believes she’ll see a plant on American soil that can process 100 tons of plastic per day by 2014.

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