Company Profile: Monkiri – Webpage clipping service

Pune-based Monkiri is a browser plugin (IE & FF) that enables a web user clip portions of a webpage, comment on it, and post it to a blog hosted on Monkiri.

Literally Monkiri means the Japanese art of paper cutting. Monkiri lets one read and write blogs about any item published on a website. At this time, this facility can only be used to post to a blog hosted on Monkiri.

[edit] Features

With the help of the Monkiri button a user can snap required portion of the item on the webpage and blog it. The user can then give a comprehensive review of the same and add on his comments. The ‘View Entries’ feature from Monkiri menu enables other interested users to visit the blogged item and comment on the same. In this way everyone visiting that page can review the comments giving one a potentially large audience. Over a period of time users can build up an online journal of articles of interest. In other words, Monkiri makes blogging and sharing a simple affair.

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Final Thoughts

Monkiri is entering a very crowded space which has had established players for many years. <s>Also, restricting users to only post the clippings on Monkiri hosted blogs (as opposed to the users’ own blogs) is a serious limitation</s> (Update: Monkiri now supports posting to blogger/wordpress). In my mind, Monkiri joins FlockPod in the list of Pune-based companies that are doing something in the “commenting on other websites” space, but who need to figure out exactly what the value proposition is.

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