Company sends erring employees for Art of Living course

Mid-day reports on how a Pune company sent three of its employees for an Art of Living course, instead of firing and handing them over to the police:

Shiv Sai Infosys Pvt Ltd, a city-based BPO, caught three of its young employees in an act that jeopardised the interest of the organisation. But, instead of sacking them the company sent the boys for a week to undertake Art of Living course at Sri Sri Ravishankar’s ashram in Bangalore all this at the company’s expense.

Nikhil Baddap, Hussain Bhaldar and Nikhil, who received this unusual punishment were candid enough to tell this correspondent openly. “Yes, it is true that we fell into temptation and did something which we should not have,” Bhaddap said.

According to company’s vice president Vishakha Agarwal, sacking them was an easy way out.
“We could have easily handed them over to the police and sacked them. In fact, most senior officers in the company were of the view that they deserved to be punished.

But we thought of transforming them, rather than punishing them and ruining their careers,” said Vishakha Agarwal, vice president of the company.

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