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Got Cool Technology? Maharashtra wants to give you a free Trade Fair Stall

Do you have some cool new technology that you would like to showcase? In that case, now is your chance to show it for free at the India International Trade Fair 2010 that’s happening in Delhi starting on 14th November, 2010.

India International Trade Fair Logo

Science and Technology Park (STP) Pune, wants to give you a stall at the India International Trade Fair, 2010, at Delhi. Are you eligible? Click on the image to see more PuneTech posts related to Indian Government Organizations.

Basically, Maharashtra has been allocated 11000 sq. ft. at this trade fair to show the coolest stuff from Maharashtra, and out of that 3000 sq. ft. has been allocated to Pune. The Science and Technology Park (STP) has been given the responsibility of using this space to highlight the achievements of Pune. They have decided to try to find a few innovative companies/technologies and showcase them (for free).


  • It should be a company or product that actually exists (not just an idea or a concept)
  • It should be something that is interesting or innovative. Something that shows that Maharashtra is on the cutting edge
  • Specific domains of interest include CleanTech, GreenTech, Environment, e-Governance, m-Governance; but entries need necessarily not be limited to these domains
  • The Trade Fair starts on 14th November, and will be at Pragati Maidan, Delhi

If you are a company who fits this description, or if you know some other company who does, please get in touch with Rohit Srivastwa (rohit.srivastwa @ scitechpark.org.in), Advisor, Science & Technology Park, Pune. If you are a company/product from Mumbai or elsewhere in Maharashtra, don’t give up hope. You can still apply, and if found interesting enough, they’ll try to accommodate you.

That’s it. Easy, no?

(Note: the website of the India International Trade Fair is here; but sadly, it has not yet been updated with 2010 information.)

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3 thoughts on “Got Cool Technology? Maharashtra wants to give you a free Trade Fair Stall”

  1. Rohit says:

    # Only a raw stall space is free (free as in free-lunch)
    # No travel/accommodation grant or support will be given

  2. Aalok Rana says:

    Hi Rohit…..
    We have product called crumbs (Little things make a big difference), usually it happens that every businessman small or big quite often ignores little things of to which, his business can get a cutting edge over others.

    1. navin says:

      @Aalok, there’s no guarantee that Rohit is reading this blog, or monitoring the comments here. To ensure that your idea is heard, you need to follow the directions given in the article above.

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