In50Hrs Pune – Idea-to-Prototype in one weekend – 14-16 Dec

In50hrs an idea-to-prototype event, where entrepreneurs (or idea smiths – people with just an idea that they want to see developed), developers, programmers, and product designers come together to work on audacious ideas and build working prototypes (mvp) over a weekend, is coming to Pune this weekend.

Saager Mhatre (dexterous), a prominent Pune Techie, has indicated in the Python Pune mailing list that he has attended a few hackathons, and other similar events, but the only one he’s been happy with is in50hrs. Saager’s thumbs up is enough for us to recommend this event to our readers.

In50hrs is organized by The Startup Center, which was co-founded by Vijay Anand – “The Startup Guy”, (who is well known in the Indian startup ecosystem for various things, including being one of the guys behind – so it would be a safe bet to say that these guys understand startups and entrepreneurs.

This is a paid event, and costs Rs. 1000 for Hackers/Developers and Designers, and Rs. 1600 for IdeaSmiths. However, PuneTech readers can get a discount – and register for Rs. 815 for hackers/developers/designers, or Rs. 1315 for ideasmiths.

Register here for In50hrs, and use the code “PuneTech” to get the discount.

(Note: According to PuneTech policy, we usually do not promote paid events on our main page. However, in this case, we felt it is justified because it is a multi-day event, and the price includes lunch/dinner/snacks, which makes the discounted price reasonable. PuneTech is non-commercial, and as per our policy we do not get/accept any compensation in any form for any of our postings.)