Job Mela 2014 for final year Engineering Students by @PuneStartups/@CSIPune

It’s back! The Pune Open Coffee Club and The Computer Society of India, Pune are organizing a job mela for final year engineering students on Saturday, 14th June, at Cummins College Pune, from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

This event is free for students, as well as for startups. Startups who wish to be part of this, please signup here, and read the For Companies section below. Students who wish to be part of this please read the For Students section below.

For Companies

We already have 850+ students signed up, and we expect the number to go up even more by the time of the event. These are engineering students who are interested in jobs with Pune startups.

On 14th June, you will get a chance to give a short pitch about your company to the students, interact with selected students, shortlist the ones you like and interview them right away (or schedule an interview for later). And this is free for you.

So sign up here.

If you’ve been to a previous job or internship mela organized in Pune, you know that handling 1000+ students is a complete mess. Hence this time is a bit different. We are making all students go through an online programming test by ReliScore, and only students who do well in the test will be allowed to attend the event.

In other words, you get only good students, and you will not be inundated with resumes of unemployable students.

What are startups expected to do there?

Get marketing material – lots of it. Visiting cards, leaflets and what not. Get banners – you will have one table of size 3ftx4ft for you. Get a laptop with a running PPT. Your main aim is to attract the best students to your company.

This must be costing a bomb?!

NO! This event is totally FREE of cost. However, prior registration is mandatory.

For Students

Students: You don’t find so many startups in one place, at one time, all accessible to interact with you!

Why work with startups?

Startups are cool. Startups are where the action is. The experience that you would get in a startup in a few months, would be better than what you would get from large corporations in a few years. In startups, you get an exposure to the various moving parts of a company – coding, testing, admin, HR, marketing… you name it! More than all of this, you get to work directly with founders of the company, who will one day make it very big (like Google, Twitter?).

What do startups want from me?

Life at startups can be very exciting – but you need to be prepared to give more than 100%. Many startups work on cutting edge technologies, and there is going to be a huge learning curve for you, to be able for you to meaningfully contribute to the company. So, it requires dedication, patience and a positive attitude.

Ok, as a student, what should I do?

Get in touch with the T&P officer of your college. An online programming test has been arranged for 10th June with participating colleges, and you need to find out the procedure for being part of this event.

If you are a student of a Pune college, and your college is not participating in this event, please ask them to contact CSI Pune (or send mail to and we can forward it to the appropriate people), before 9th June.

If you’re a student from a college that is not participating, or if you’re a student from outside Pune but are willing to work in Pune, and willing to travel to Pune on 14th, then please visit on 11th June for instructions on how you might be able to get into the event on a wild card entry.