MultiEyeVision – Mobile GPRS based remote monitoring

MultiEyeVision Observer is a product for remote monitoring and remote observation. The Observer is a pre-configured mobile phone, which in addition to functioning as a normal mobile phone, can also be used at any time as a remote observation camera. High quality image stream captured by the Observer is viewable in real-time from anywhere over the internet.

The Observer can be used for a wide range of business and consumer applications. For example, keep the Observer at home, and keep an eye on your kids while you are at work. Or place the Observer in your office / workshop, and supervise your staff when you are travelling.

The biggest advantages of the MultiEyeVision Observer are its simplicity of use and mobility. There is no cabling / wiring or installation. It can be moved at any time to the place you want to monitor. And all you do is press a button on the mobile to start monitoring.

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