Pune Google Technologies User Group (GTUG) meet: Seminar on Google Wave – Feb 6

What: Pune Google Technology Users Group (Pune GTUG) presents a seminar on Google Wave
When: Saturday, 6 February, 5pm to 8pm
Where: Synerzip Softech – L5 (Terrace), Dnyanvatsal Commercial Complex, Opposite Vanadevi mandir, Karve Nagar
Registration and Fees: The event is free for all, no registration required.
Link: http://blog.punegtug.org/2010/01/seminar-on-google-wave-intro-gadgets.html

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Google Wave

Pune GTUG presents a Seminar on Google Wave – The new communication and collaboration platform on the web. Seminar Topics:

  • Introduction to Google Wave
  • Building Extensions to Google Wave
  • Building Gadgets – Walk through of building a Gadget
  • Building Robots – Walk through of building a Java based Robot
  • Using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and EXT GWT to create polished Gadgets
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3 thoughts on “Pune Google Technologies User Group (GTUG) meet: Seminar on Google Wave – Feb 6

  1. Yeah, this will revolutionize internet use even in rural places of India. Google Wave has amazing features that adds much more advantages for users.

  2. This would be really great. Google Wave is a revolutionary application but the right now people are not using it widely and this seminar might help the cause.

  3. Hey Guys…
    I am from Nagpur and wont be able to attained this great event.
    If some one create video for this event..
    then please do share that Youtube link here..
    thanks in advance

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