Pune IT salary hikes highest in country

IT Salaries in Pune increased by 20% over the last 12 months, compared to 12% for Bangalore and the country average of 14%. Bangalore continues to have the highest salary levels in the country, and I think is 12% higher than Pune (can’t say for sure, since the article is a little unclear). This according to a report released by management consulting firm Zinnov.

‘Though compensation in Bangalore continues to be the highest in the country, the dramatic wage increase in Pune can be attributed to high salaries offered by multinationals (mostly from the US) setting up captive centres in Maharashtra’s boom city,’ Zinnov CEO Pari Natarajan told IANS.

Source: IndiaPRWire. See also pluggd.in’s coverage.

8 thoughts on “Pune IT salary hikes highest in country

  1. Pune has capability to surpass Bangalore in niche areas like systems software , storage & networking only if politicians in Pune think something other than caste based politics.

  2. Pune will never take over Bangalore, Pune donot have good technical people who can really dedicated. In Bangalore you can see people talk technology where as Pune people only talk Marati 🙂

  3. Then , If Pune talks Marathi , then Bangalore talks only Kannada , its there everwhere in India. Its difficult to survive here if you don’t speak Kannada

  4. It is very difficult to find the organizations in bangalore where the employees will speak in their mother tongue. They are true professionals. They speak in english only.
    While in pune , it is very difficult to find the organization where employess speak in english.
    They prefer to speak in marathi and Hindi even though they are good at english.
    Slaries might be a bit high in pune but professionalism is dead in pune.

  5. Rama, who told you that if empolyees are speaking in english means they are trully professional???
    In pune there are lots of South indians. however they are technically dump. And one more imp thing about them is they can’t speak Hindi i.e. our national language. ha ha ha.
    And if you think there is not professionalism in Pune then how come they are getting the best salaries, are empolyers are dump? think @ it one more time.

  6. @sanjay, please refine your English firts and then talk baout technology. Pune is called Oxford of East, the best known place for education, i.e. including IT. Agree that Pune has few challenges like political support and infra, but Bangalore is not that different :))

  7. It is unfortunate that professionalism is linked to language you speak. As long as all in group understand what you speak, it shouldn’t matter. Problem is mentality of english is good means person is good.

    Slave mentality !!!

  8. I have been working in bangalore from last 2+ yrs now , before coming here i was worked in pune for 6 yrs .

    Let me correct Sanjay and rama about there definition of true professionals which has nothing to do with wrk .

    Few things i have experienced after coming to blore

    1) No kannada people rule here. all Tamils and andra guys , including andra food restaurants is all what u get here. Kannada guys are soft spoken and shy ..so how can u expect the to speak in kannada which is not a case in pune. people love speaking marathi there and they dont hate people who cant speak marathi .

    2) All people except south indian are termed as “North indians” here and if u speak in hindi they will hate you. i think that’s wat professionals is. rite sanjay/rama ?

    3) Searching for good food is waste of time here. Most of the places u get ” pongal , curd rice . forget about good food in office cafeteria.

    4) All professionals can work onky from home because traffic here will make sure you never get enough time wrok in office .

    5) People in IT are paid here 10-20 % more than pune which attracts people from other places of india , or else no body will come to blore except south indians .

    6) Getting water in blore is termed as luxury . 99 % of people in blore survive on tankers.

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