Pune Municipal Corporation gets CIO, new website, wiki

PMC has gone hi-tech. Yesterday, they unveiled a new, improved website that is expected to be more userfriendly. They can now apply for birth and death certificates online and pay municipal taxes online. PMC is the first corporation to have a payment gateway (through ICICI bank and HDFC bank) according to CIO Anupam Saraph.

Yes, Pune has a CIO – Chief Information Officer. The PMC collaborated with SEAP, the Software Exporters Association of Pune, to appoint Anupam, who will guide the direction of all hi-tech goodness that is to happen in PMC soon. Pune is also the first municipal corporation to have a CIO.

“The website has been a voluntary effort by the software companies in Pune such as Persistent software, Eclipse software who provided manpower purely on a voluntary basis,” said Saraph.

The other important feature in the website is the inclusion of Wiki software that allows creation of an employee zone for internal management of the corporation.

Through Wiki, employees would now be able to create, edit, link, and organize the content of the projects they are involved in.

To ensure better navigation, the PMC website will change every month. “In the next version Wiki software will allow the citizens to talk about development plans of the city. Later versions intend to include the software for citizens to help the corporation with their strategic infrastructure expertise, so as to develop a standard in the city,” said Saraph.

“Till now we have trained 180-odd employees and expect to train 50 employees a month to ensure more usage of the software,” he said.

The website in it present form has been visited by more than half a million people.

Source: ZDNet India

17 thoughts on “Pune Municipal Corporation gets CIO, new website, wiki

  1. I tried using the online option for paying property tax last year thrugh the pmc website link but was not able to. As my multiple efforts did not yeaild any fruitful result I had to visit the ward office for paying the property tax. I complained about the websites inability to the official to which he suggested not to use the website but always visit the office….not very encouraging for a IT city!

    I still have faith in the efforts of the PMC hence will try again next year.

  2. Can anyone help me in finding the location (URL) for downloading the form for registering for the Pune Property Tax?

    Thanks In advance

  3. Pune political leaders & Pune Municipal Corporation staff have brought down PMC website because they don’t get under the table money. The site is down for last 20 days. People can’t pay property tax & get other services online. People also used to raise lot of complaints online which is now stopped. PMC also cancelled the ERP project because they will stop getting extra income under the table. These people will sell country for their own personal benefit. Pune is going UP-Bihar way. Please bring them those currputed people to justice. I think Some Mr Pardeshi is the PMC COMMISIONE. If you go to Govt office. The staff is very arrogent & everybody from Chapraci to top officers ask for Money/bribe if you want your work done.

  4. All that pomp and show of unveiling a web site and going the corporation e-way is all rubbish. Even though there are some good and intelligent people in the government system, the political interference will never let it happen. It will hamper their illegal activities and corruption, which is going all around in Pune Municipal Corporation. If anybody voices against it, is made Arun Bhatia or Kiran Bedi or T N Sheshan or Khairnar and is isolated. They are not even supported by, what we call, The Janata.

    Better, all the intelligent minds, go out and settle in some western country and let these corrupt creatures rot here.

  5. I am not able to get the details of death certificate inspite of visiting the link through online transaction. Pl. help.

  6. i need the data for the childresn being born of past 1 or 2 years. i am doing a project on it . i need the address and phone number s too.

  7. does the municipal corporation keeps the data ( telephone numbers and address of the resgistered births in pune ) kindly help.

  8. Once I got the receipt for some one else’s tax amount and the amount was not reflected in my credit card account. Luckily I checked my credit card statement and found the mistake. I tried again as the tax was shown to be outstanding and I got a receipt for proper amount of the property tax paid through credit card but there was no record of the transaction in my credit card account and the tax was again shown as outstanding. I think it is better to pay the tax personally at the office.

  9. The website is slow and hangs most of the time.I have high speed internet and a very powerful PC , so the obvious reasons are the PMC’s online servers.It takes an era to load a page and its almost been half an hour for the payment page to load,and its still blank..

    Very sorry but its really true that PMC wont work til it gets money under the table .. Dismal effort !!

  10. How do I see the property tax paid online?
    I had paied property taxt online and want to see the recipts.

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