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Pune Open Coffee Club Meet: Startup Aspirants Mela – 16th Jan

What: Pune OpenCoffee Club meeting for all those interested in doing a startup and looking for co-founders and/or ideas
When: Saturday, 16th January, 10am
Where: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, Model Colony. Map.
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. Register here: http://punestartups.ning.com/events/startup-aspirants-mela

Pune OpenCoffee Club - POCC Logo

POCC is an informal group of the Pune Startup ecosystem. It contains more than 1500 people who either have their own startups, or want to start one, or provide some service (or funding) to startups. Click on the logo to find all punetech articles about the POCC

Startup Aspirants Mela

Sumedh Inamdar called this event with the following pitch:

I am a startup aspirant, and want to meet other people who are looking for co-founders and/or ideas. Can we all such people meet on a saturday?

Are you a domain expert who has a great business idea, and are looking for a co-founder who can handle the technology part? Are you a group of techies who are looking for a good sales+marketing person? Are you an enthusiastic youngster who would love to work on a startup idea but don’t have an idea yet, and all your existing friends want to continue their boring jobs at Infosys/Wipro?

Welcome. This event is made just for you. Just show up – no preparation required, no permission required, no registration required.

So far, about 35 people have confirmed, and another 15 have indicated that they might attend the meeting. The idea is for each hopeful to give a short pitch about themselves – their background, what sort of work/ideas/startups they’re interested in, and what kinds of co-founders they are looking for. After this is done, there will be time for mingling where people can try to find their startup soulmates.

Are you a person who thinks of Pune as a retirees paradise? In that case, start showing up at POCC meetings, including this one, to see the energy that Pune still has.

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4 thoughts on “Pune Open Coffee Club Meet: Startup Aspirants Mela – 16th Jan”

  1. girish says:

    how i can register? on link page i cant see any form for registration.

    1. navin says:

      @girish, you need to be a registered member of POCC to able to register for this event. Registration is free. At the top right of the page, you’ll see links called “Sign Up” or “Sign in”. Click on “Sign Up” to join. After that, a “Your RSVP” block will show up on this page just above the “Attending” block.

  2. anup sawant says:

    Hi,Is today’s even cancelled (16th Jan)?

    1. navin says:

      Anup, this is from last year. (2010)…

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