Pune startup presents at DEMOfall, San Diego

Pune-based startup Maverick Mobile launched their latest product, Maverick Secure Mobile (MSM), at the DEMO conference earlier this week. DEMO is one of the premier conferences for new startups to launch their products. A video of their presentation is available from the DEMO site.

Maverick Mobile is a Pune-based mobile services and products company. Maverick develops mobile applications (for example a mobile security application, and a mobile dictionary), mobile games (about a dozen of them), and also mobile content (mp3s, music videos, ringtones, wallpapers etc.)



[edit]Maverick Secure Mobile

Maverick Secure Mobile is a security application that protects your handset as well as the data stored in it. Using MSM, one can retrieve the entire phone book remotely from the stolen / lost phone. MSM can also send thief activity reports via SMS on the reporting number. The owner of the device can lock/hang the phone remotely. MSM can be used in case of theft, or for parental control.

This product was launched at DEMOfall conference, September 2008, in San Diego.

[edit]YO SMS

Yo SMS is a peer to peer application which allows a user to attach backgrounds, sounds, audibles, smilies to the regular SMS messages.

[edit]Maverick Dictionary

A dictionary of more than 1,45,000 words, with a user interface customized for mobile usage.

[edit]Mobile Games

Maverick has developed about a dozen mobile games, including their own versions of classics like Sudoku, Poker, Blackjack etc.

[edit]Mobile Content

  • In India, Maverick mobile is a first company to launch pre loaded memory cards containing Mp3 songs, video songs video scenes, ring tones, wallpapers, games in retail market.
  • Maverick has legal tie up with various film distribution houses for selling Bollywood content using through Memory cards.
  • In the span of 6 months maverick has built more than 50,000 customer base in different states of India.
  • Maverick has strong distribution network of more than 130 Distributors & 1000 retailers.



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