PuneCleanTech Event: “BioEnergy” – The Complete Energy Solution for India – 29 Jan

PuneCleanTech and VentureCenter present a talk on BioEnergy – the complete energy solution for tropical countries, including India, by Santosh Gondhalekar, Director, Gangotree Eco Technologies.

The increasing demand and decreasing supply of fossil fuels, has resulted in increasing market price of Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Kerosene, Furnace Oil etc., in last couple of years. The situation is alarming and has created threat to ‘Energy Security’ across the globe.

Many Renewable Energy Options like Wind Energy, Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Photothermal, Tidal Power, Wave Power, Geothermal Power, Fuel Cells, etc. etc. are being tried and tested. The options in Bioenergy like BioDiesel, BioEthenol are also discussed and tested. Unfortunately, all of these options have some or the other weaknesses. In Indian context, in spite of lot of noise about above stated options, effectively as on date, the actual contribution of all Renewable Energy put together in the Mainstream Energy Supply, for India, has been less than 1% only.

Then, Is there any way out?

Yes. The solution is available that could satisfy all the Energy requirements. The key words are the ‘Green Gas’ and ‘Green Coal’. It is the Biomass based solution, based on the Elephant Grass or Napier Grass. The energy solution has been tested & certified and has capacity to substitute All Fossil Fuels.

The Energy Solution is tested comprehensively on four critical criteria viz, the ‘Technical Feasibility’, ‘Economical Viablility’, ‘Environmental Sustainability’ and ‘Social Acceptability’.

The event will be on 29th January, from 11am to 1pm, at the Venture Center, NCL Innovation Lab, Pashan Road. The event is free for all to attend. No registration required.

2 thoughts on “PuneCleanTech Event: “BioEnergy” – The Complete Energy Solution for India – 29 Jan

  1. Will like to attend the event on 29th Jan at NCL,Pune.
    Keen to know future developments in this field of Energy Resources.

  2. It is almost 1 year over after this event. Is there any progress in BioEnergy after the event? I think – “Yes”. Drastic increase of using Bio Energy but in Rural areas of India only.
    Socially, only farmers and the people who lives in villages only accept this new Bio Energy source to implement in their daily needs and works. We should change the thinking of people’s mind. Thank you for having a wonderful blog for Pune (However, I am not from Pune!).
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