Pune’s KQInfoTech is porting Sun’s ZFS File-System to Linux

Pune-based KQInfoTech is working on porting Sun‘s ZFS file-system to the Linux Platform. ZFS is arguably one of the best file-systems available today, and Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems for servers by new startups. So, having ZFS available on Linux would be great. And, With many years of experience in Veritas building VxFS, another one of best file-systems in the world, the founders of KQInfoTech do have the technical background to be able to do a good job of this. Check out the full announcement on their blog:

We have a ZFS building as a module and the following primitive operations are possible.

  • Creating a pool over a file (devices not supported yet)
  • Zpool list, remove
  • Creating filesystems and mounting them

But we are still not at a stage, where we can create files and read and write to them

See the full article, for more details and some interesting issues related to the license compatibility between ZFS and Linux.

About KQInfoTech

Pune-based KQInfoTech is an organization started by Anurag Agarwal and Anand Mitra, both of whom chucked high-paying jobs in the industry because they felt that there was a desperate need to work on the quality of students that is being churned out by our colleges. For the 2 years or so, they have been trying various experiements in education, at the engineering college level. All their experiments are based on one basic premise: students’ ability to pay should not be a deterrent – in other words, the offerings should be free for the students; KQInfoTech focuses on finding alternative ways to pay for the costs of running the course. See all PuneTech articles related to KQInfoTech for more details.

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3 thoughts on “Pune’s KQInfoTech is porting Sun’s ZFS File-System to Linux

  1. I already have perfectly working ( according to http://dlc.sun.com/pdf/819-5461/819-5461.pdf ) ZFS on my home Fedora Box. It’s perfectly working. It’s easy , just look at Opensolaris/FreeBSD code and port the important FS data structures …..

    It’s just for learning and as a hobby project….
    also , I can’t publish the code , or , Oracle & Netapp will be on my lookout .. ha..ha..ha

    Onkar N Mahajan
    Bangalore -India

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