Pune’s Tech Mahindra wins Satyam bid

According to news reports today, Pune based Tech Mahindra has won the Satyam bid. Here is the coverage in The Economic Times “Tech Mahindra wins bid for Satyam Computers

Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
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The other rivals in the race were L&T InfoTech and the American billionaire Wilbur Ross. This news is already being covered in great detail in all the national business media and I doubt if I can add anything new.

My thought would be from a Pune angle. Pune has been amongst the leading IT cities in India for a while now. Infosys and Wipro have plans underway to expand their Pune centers into their single biggest facilities. Yet, a ‘Pune-based company’ has never been in the big league!

It’s worth noting how Infosys started in Pune in the early 1980s and then moved on to Bangalore. In some sense this void can be filled today! Tech Mahindra has its roots in Pune for many years. Here are a couple of links that provide more information about the company profile:

Tech Mahindra Wikipedia Link

Tech Mahindra Official Website (About Us Link)

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2 thoughts on “Pune’s Tech Mahindra wins Satyam bid

  1. Well a nice point to be noted here.
    Pune has been the land of startups.
    We have good examples like Infosys and Tech Mahindra who started off from with Pune and now making news world wild.

    I have 1 more reason to be proud of being a Punekar 🙂

  2. Hi Amit, This is really good thing to know that pune is land of start ups but how does now this new deal affect the IT life of pune. Just a general question how the hiring scenario would be because satyam has already lost 5000 employees in last couple of months so now would it be good opportunity for punekars to be part of satyam..what us your say on this.

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