Seminar on Understanding Wi-Fi Cyber attacks

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What: Free Seminar on Wi-Fi security and understanding wi-fi cyber attacks conducted by AirTight Networks and MCCI
When: Tuesday, Jan 13, 6pm-8:30pm
Where: Hall No. 6 & 7, B Wing, 5th Floor MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC Complex Senapati Bapat Road
Registration and Fees: This seminar is free for all. Register at:

WiFi is fast becoming popular in India – among home users, business travelers, and corporates. While WiFi provides the benefits of wireless and mobile access, unsecured WiFi provides an easy target for hit-and-run style attacks allowing hackers to cause severe damage while remaining invisible and undetected. The crimes range from cyber extortion, downloading illegal content, to theft of credit card numbers and other private corporate information. Most importantly, the recent incidents of cyber terrorism in India showed that an unsecured WiFi connection poses danger to national security.

WiFi cyber-attacks can be used to hack into your network to steal confidential data, steal usernames and passwords, steal user identities or to plan terror attacks. Your WiFi network can become a huge liability if not secured properly.

To create public awareness, MCCIA in association with AirTight Networks Pvt. Ltd., the global leader in wireless security, is conducting a free introductory seminar titled “Understanding WiFi Cyber-attacks”.

This seminar will be followed by a panel discussion titled “Legal and Financial Exposure from WiFi Cyber-attacks”. Panel members include top experts such as Deepak Shikarpur, Chairman, IT Committee, MCCIA, Vaishali Bhagwat, Top Cyber-crime Lawyer and Pravin Bhagwat, Wireless Networking Pioneer.

This seminar is free for all. Register at:

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