Startup Showcase PuneConnect on 23 November – Apply Now

PuneConnect 2013 invites all startups from Pune or nearby areas to apply for a chance to showcase their products at to larger companies in Pune, on 23rd November 2013, at Hyatt (Ista) Pune. This event is free for all participants. If you are unsure of whether this event is appropriate for you or not, please go ahead and apply, and our selection committee will figure out whether you’re a good fit or not.

The idea of PuneConnect is to connect established Pune companies with the innovative startups on their doorstep. The hardest thing for a startup is to find early adopters that give them the credibility and experience that they require, and we believe that Pune’s established base of leading edge companies in Software, IT Services, KPOs and Engineering are the perfect early customers.  We want to make sure that a thousand innovative startups bloom in Pune’s Silicon Valley safe in the knowledge that there is a deep and caring ecosystem close to home to serve as mentors, customers, and as angel investors.  And for all of our established companies, the inflow of new ideas and technologies that these startups bring into our offices help to refresh us, energize us, and to make us even more ready for the global stage.

PuneConnect 2013 builds on the success of PuneConnect 2011 and PuneConnect 2012. See an Overview of PuneConnect 2011 Results and Media Coverage to get an idea of the benefits reaped by the startups selected last year (including getting funded, getting featured on TV, getting invited to national conferences, and newspaper articles.)

Benefits to selected startups include:

  • Exposure to Pune’s top companies, potential customers and potential mentors
  • Exposure to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors who are being invited to the event
  • Press and media coverage before and after the event
  • Winners of the event get automatic entries to other country-level events (e.g. those organized by NASSCOM)

PuneConnect is an initiative of:

SEAP (Software Exporters Association of Pune)
PuneStartups Logo (Pune Open Coffee Club)
punetech Logo
tie pune logo
TiE Pune
mccia logo
HIA Pune Logo
Hinjewadi Industries Association

4 thoughts on “Startup Showcase PuneConnect on 23 November – Apply Now

  1. I would like to apply for the chance to showcase my products.
    I tried the link to Submit proposal , but it is not working.
    How do I apply?

    1. Can you provide details of what exactly is happening, when you say “it is not working”?

      Also, could you try accessing the link from a different computer, or using a different browser?

      Because, it would be much easier for everyone concerned if you manage to submit through the regular link.

  2. When I click on ” apply for a chance to showcase their products” on this webpage, the page does not load. It gives following error:

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  3. Hi,

    I would want to know if this event is only for ones with startups? Or also if students and others can attend to get to know more.
    Thank You.

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