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PuneTech logoMost PuneTech readers get PuneTech home delivered via our by email or via RSS (free!). Which is great – that is how we recommend keeping in touch with what going on in tech in Pune.

However, one disadvantage of that is that you miss out on all the comments that readers leave on the post. Compared to some other sites, we do not get a whole lot of comments, but the ones we do get are usually good quality comments that add something to the post and we felt that there is a need to allow our readers to get a RSS feed or daily email of the latest comments. So here goes: Get comments on PuneTech posts by our readers via email or via RSS.

To motivate you, I have listed here a few recent posts that garnered some interesting comments/discussions, and where reading the comments would improve your understanding of the material covered in the parent post.

So stay in touch with all the comments via email or via RSS.

Also, we kept hearing from some of our readers that sometimes they would miss an event even though they had read about it in PuneTech because they forgot about it. To tackle this, we have started a (free) PuneTech events SMS reminder service. After you sign up, you’ll get an SMS when we find out about an interesting event, and then another SMS reminder one day before the event.

And, for the really selective and really motivated reader, we also provide the option to subscribing (RSS only!) to just articles from specific categories, or articles with a specific tag. For example, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for all articles in the “events” category, or just the “featured” articles, or you can subscribe to one of the many tags that we use, like all articles about startups, or linux, or those somehow relating to the tech community in Pune. Figuring out all the categories and tags, and the corresponding RSS feeds is left as an exercise for the motivated reader. And this is only for particularly selective readers who do not wish to subscribe to our full feed (i.e. the regular feed of PuneTech articles).

Final note: the regular PuneTech articles subscription (email / RSS), the PuneTech comments subscription(email / RSS), and the PuneTech SMS reminder service are three different, independent services. Subscribing to one does not automatically subscribe you to the others. You have to subscribe to each one separately.

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